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Sex before kissed

Chaste Makes Waste

Last night/this morning, I dreamed I was in Leverage. I'm not sure whether I was Hardison or myself, but Sophie hadn't cased the joint properly, and we had to run away from a guard. And I held Parker's hand.

That's what I remember most vividly, holding her hand. It gave me the most wonderful, happy, content feeling.

I don't know whether it's because I don't have a lot of Experience, but I don't normally have dreams about having sex. Or even making out. In my conscious fantasies, of course, I have dirty thoughts, but my subconscious is rarely so explicit. My favorite dreams, the ones I still remember years later, have always been about much more mundane activities. When I was way into Natalie Portman, the one dream I remember her appearing in, we were just cuddling in a papasan chair. Or she smiled at me from across the room and walked over and rubbed my shoulder or something. Or we were sitting in the back of a limousine, talking, and maybe we almost kissed before I woke up.

That's the kind of thing I dream about doing with a girl. Just being...intimate, feeling important and loved. That's what makes my dreams dreams, the sort you wish would come true, the sort you're disappointed to wake from when you find yourself in your bed alone and none of it was real, none of it at all.
Good for you


Whoa, whoa, hold on there, Sunil. You are the anti-squee. What could possibly have turned you into a thirteen-year-old girl?

Did Natalie Portman call you up and ask you to dinner tonight?

Were you offered a book deal for no apparent reason?

Are the San Diego Crunchers asking you to play for them?

No, none of these!

Yesterday, I got my very first fan mail.


Just wanted to say I enjoyed the article in today's Daily about the link between RA and TB. Engaging, and well written!

I was totally gobsmacked. I directed him to my COX-2 article, in case he had missed it, which he had.

I read the COX-2 article and liked it too. If you can continue to A) address current issues by focusing on aspects that were missed in the recent media cycles (as with the COX-2 article); and B) translate complex concepts into layspeak, then I'm sure you'll do well.
I was so happy someone was actually reading and appreciating my articles who I wasn't badgering to do so. I have no idea who this guy is; he's a grad student in the atmospheric, oceanic, and space sciences. But he deliberately sought out my e-mail address to tell me he liked my article. Man. If only he were a hot woman so I could exploit her appreciation of my talent for sex.

Whoa, prepositional phrases are tricksy. You know what I meant there. I have no talent for sex. YET.

But wow. Someone completely unbiased read my work and liked it. Now I will become overconfident in my abilities and be utterly devastated when people who'd pay me money aren't as impressed.

In conclusion, if you don't love Groundhog Day, then you can't be my friend. No, really.