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She's Got a Body Like an Hourglass; It's Ticking Like a Clock

Welcome back from your three-day weekend, U.S. Americans! If you happen to have missed it, please check out my post featuring free music and hot female bassists. Then, if your thirst for music is still not satiated, you can go to my audiography post.

People skilled in the art of image manipulation, I have a question for you! Say that in the month of February, you had a totally awesome time doing awesome things with awesome people from an awesome television show. Say you took over a hundred pictures and would like to share them with your lovely friends on LiveJournal. What is the easiest way to resize all those pictures and post them to LJ Scrapbook? You don't fancy resizing each one individually, before or after uploading. There has to be an easier way, in this golden age of technology!

Now for some links to pad this entry out.

Office fans: if you have not seen what the office did on summer vacation, go! NBC has always made really great Office promos. Note that this does feature new material (filmed for the promo), so it is mildly spoilery for...hair. Also, remember that S3 DVDs come out today!

Avatar fans: if you have not seen The Angst, starring Prince Zuko, go! Then watch everything this guy has done, including Avatar: The Abridged Series, which will make your face hurt from laughing.

In conclusion, I saw The Sound of Music for the first time on Friday night, and it was pretty great. I stake my claim on wet Liesl, forty years too late.
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