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It's a Lion! It's Huge!

In honor of having finished The Golden Compass last night (flail!), I offer you my dæmon for you all to play with and change:

I think the first time I did it, I got a silver fox, though. That seems to fit me more than a frickin' lion. Make it a fox! Get me righter than I got myself!

I'm picking up The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass at the library tonight, so please don't spoil me! I will likely make a His Dark Materials post when I'm done, just for atropos116 and hobviously to flail around in.

The movie looks pretty cool, and now I can identify specific scenes from the book in the trailer, which is nice.

Behind the cut, however, I offer a slightly spoilery poll for people who have read the book:

Poll #1040814 Whose dark materials, now?

If they removed all explicit references to religion and God from the movie, what the hell is up with Dust?

It's MAGIC dust, made of MAGIC, and it clings to adults because they have no MAGIC in their hearts, making them a MAGIC vacuum by virtue of elementary diffusion.
It's stardust! The oldest substance in the universes, which, if harnessed, can turn people into stars.
Lyra's world is just reeeeeeeeeally dirty, you guys. And they want to get rid of Dust because cleanliness is next to godliness. I mean, MAGICliness.
OUR world is just reeeeeeeeeally dirty, you guys. That's pollution! The Aurora punches a hole through the OZONE LAYER.
There is no Dust. Parallel universes are cool enough without introducing a theological MacGuffin to complicate matters.
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