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Can't Stop the—Oh, Sorry, We Stopped the Signal

So as many of you heard, tickets for new Serenity screenings on May 26th went on sale today. I had no idea whether there'd be any in my area, and besides, my parents were probably stealing me away at the end of the month anyway.

Well, what do you know. THERE WAS A SCREENING IN DALLAS.

I had been fighting with them about not coming home so early and for so long, but if I was going to come home at any possible time, I would want to be home on May 26th. And even if I wasn't, maybe I could buy tickets for my brother so he could go.

But wait, how the hell did MovieTickets.com work? It looked like they'd need my credit card to redeem the tickets, which wouldn't work if I wanted my brother to use them or if I wanted to sell them to someone. And I'd be out seventeen dollars. I had set up an account and everything, and I was waffling over whether to hit "Purchase." Because what if I couldn't use them?

Heather was going to go! Oh man, if this worked out, I could meet Heather! (Future Sunil sez: dachelle is going to be there! You'll get to meet dachelle! Rock! And Jonathan might go too, now that you told him about it since he never knows about these things! Except word has it Dallas is sold out now.)

There had been Technical Difficulties with the site earlier, so I'd tried calling the theater, but the screening wasn't available in the phone menu.

But I had to make sure I could actually go. This would be a cool high school graduation present for my brother. I needed to call home, though.

My phone wasn't working. Suddenly and for no reason I could fathom, it had lost the ability to make outgoing calls. I couldn't buy the tickets until I knew I could use them! What if they sold out? Other cities had already sold out!

I got on AIM and asked Dave to fulfill a strange request: call home and gather information from my mom by proxy. He could tell her he knew me from Rice, and that we'd gone up to his lakehouse in Caddo. Except my mom was apparently weirded out by the call and told him I could call her later. Well fuck.

My phone still wasn't working. Dave suggested borrowing a cell phone. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. I went across the hall and knocked on the door. There was a girl talking on her phone. I told her I had a strange request, that I needed to call home but my phone wasn't working, but it looked like she was using hers. She said I could use it in a minute, yay.

My heart was beating all rapidly at the prospect of getting to see Serenity as well as several cool people, with bonus brother bonding time. I called home and asked my mom when they'd wanted me to come home, May 24, right? Yeah, she said, May 24, May 25, the latest the 26th.

Right, the 26th, was I free the 26th?


No, night! Are we free at night?


And so my dreams were shattered. See you in September, Serenity.
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