Polter-Cow (spectralbovine) wrote,

Live from the Half-Marathon: I Am Jack's Cramping Right Calf

331K 1:42
“You know, the thing about the hills, it's not that they're like, you know, 45 degrees or something ridiculous. It's just they last forever. And the protracted length of the hills just take its toll. Uh, right now we're going downhill, which you'd think would be good, but it's not. Any incline is bad right now. Because, uh, yeah, my right calf is still cramping up. At the medical station I put some magic gel on it, like, analgesic gel or whatever, and I put it on the left so the left side seems to be little better now. Oh yeah, because that little ankle thing popped up, too, the back ankle, but I, the gel ...

But the right knee, and the left knee, and the right calf is possibly getting worse. But I got ten miles, I'll probably just run a half at this point. Um, took an extra-long walk break. By the water, it's nice. Uh, I'm being passed by people, it's fun. Um, and both my knees hurt. It's hard to run because the stupid ? which is pissing me off. There was one girl, who, and she saw me bleeding, she was like "oh fuck," and she said she was like limping the entire way. I hope she's not a full-marathoner because I can't imagine doing the whole thing like that. But she was like ... since mile one. Well, I've only got about 2 and a half to go. Uh, 2.6. Um, I think I see flat land, possibly, unless it goes back up again, which will piss me off. Anyway. This is Sunil's right calf, signing out.”

Transcribed by: toughcookie42
Tags: personal, phonepost, see cow run
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