Polter-Cow (spectralbovine) wrote,

Live from the Half-Marathon: Mile Two

430K 2:15
“Hello! Just passed mile two. Two little things... was funny was that I got to wear like an old jacket that I had my mom bring from the house, cause they came to visit yesterday, and I told her to bring an old jacket that we didn't need anymore... because it's cold in the morning at 4:00 when I was here, but when you start running, you heat up, and you don't need it. So I gotta take it off, and just like, drop it on the sidewalk, and they'll pick it up and like donate it to homeless people. So that's cool.

Two: there's a guy wheelchairing this thing. Wheeling it. He has no legs. So it's kinda hard for him to run a marathon. But he's gonna wheel the whole thing. Which is pretty cool.

I'm on the waterfront now, past Fisherman's Wharf. Um, my knee seems to have been hurting worse than it was last week, which I think was because at mile 1 I realized that I'm at 12-and-a-half-minute miles, somehow, even though I started walking for two minutes. So I'm obviously running too fast. Which was stupid. And now I'm trying to slow down, I think the last one was 13 minutes, which was a little bit slower, I need to go 14/13, between that. Uh, it's beginning to feel a little better, I might have gone slower.

Livejournal's gonna have a hard time transcribing it, isn't it... talks funny like that. But, you know, my heart's racing and all that... stuff.

Um, we're in a big line now, lots and lots of people. It's cool to be out here, because the training runs you're running with like 5 people together and there were only a few hundred on the road. And now there are like all these other crazy people. It's pretty cool, except that it's cloudy(?). And we're passing the Maritime Museum, uh, and some cheering. I do cheering up later.

But uh, anyway. Also, if any of you are listening, guys, feel free to call me and tell me I can do it, encourage me, support me and all that, because my knee hurts and my feet hurt... you shouldn't be doing this... But yeah, feel free to give me a call if you're awake. All right. Check in in a couple miles.”

Transcribed by: toughcookie42
Tags: personal, phonepost, see cow run
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