Polter-Cow (spectralbovine) wrote,

Live from the Half-Marathon: And He's Off!

269K 1:24
“Hello everybody! I'm off! It's my first run, half marathon, took the two-minute walk, off running three minutes now, there are thousands of people here, something like 15,000 possibly, 11,000, something like that, ridiculous. I'm about to run through a red light at Washington street, um, got here around 4 o'clock in the morning, woke up a little before 3, uh, got a twinge in the knee already so I just kinda bear- I was okay for awhile and then I started to feel something. But, feeling okay, a lot of people here. Thank you for the text messages, you know who you are. And ... I'm gonna stop talking now, and save my breath. I'll check in later on. Also, this thing will probably automatically transcribe, and if it's ridiculous, and you want to re-transcribe it, please copy the ridiculous transcription into a comment, cause those things are always fun. I mean, what the hell am I saying right now, right? What am I saying, Livejournal? I'm doing a half-marathon, that's what I'm saying.”

Transcribed by: toughcookie42
Tags: personal, phonepost, see cow run
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