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I Can Still Do Long Division, but I Can't Quite Remember All the Continents

Briefly, Gilmore Girls:

In the winter of 2001, my brother showed me a rerun of the two-part Christmas special, "Rory's Dance"/"Forgiveness and Stuff," which were so good I felt my loyalty to Buffy being compromised. It wasn't compromised enough to watch it instead of Buffy, of course, but when the WB began rerunning season one on Sundays, I caught up, often watching with polyhymnia. I started watching Gilmore Girls live and taping Buffy (not because I liked it more, but because a Buffy tape would be more in demand). When I moved to Ann Arbor, I had weekly GG viewings with Steph and Ronnie. For me, Gilmore Girls was a communal experience. It was as much about the people it brought together with me as it was the show itself.

I watched the pilot tonight and was reminded of how great it was. I remembered that Lorelai and Emily is me and my mother to a goddamn T. I remembered that this was really a show about families and how they work.

The finale was a lovely sendoff for the characters and for Stars Hollow. I had been wanting the show to end because it didn't seem to have as much of a hold on me as it used to, especially when I was watching it by myself every week, but saying goodbye was still sad.

You'll be missed, Gilmore Girls.

More briefly, Veronica Mars:

While there has been no official word, the latest story is that Dawn will actually delay her decision until after the upfronts...and she has until June 15. Given that there appears to be zero chance of the show coming back in its current form (the FBI thing is all anyone is talking about), I'm treating next week as a series finale. I want to know I'm saying goodbye and appreciate it, like with Gilmore Girls. It's not exactly enough for my neurotic brain to consider actual closure until the network actually makes a damn decision because WHO KNOWS, you know, but it's something.

You'll be missed, Veronica Mars.

In keeping with my percentages, that was 80% really good, 20% mildly embarrassing.

Let me just get through the embarrassing part first. I hate to say it because I like her and write her bio, but I have to agree with miniglik: Parker does not belong on this show. She's too bubbly; she's just wrong. Why am I supposed to care about Logan and Parker? What does he see in her at all? What does she see in him? You know, I can at least buy Piz and Veronica because they've had a good friendship throughout the season, and he clearly crushed on her from day one, but Logan/Parker came out of nowhere and is the most transparent rebound relationship this show has ever seen. That's 8.5% right there, with a bonus 1% for the fact that Piz doesn't totally fit either, but it's not as bad.

Then there's Mac and Max, which is a disaster. After you lose your virginity, do you just automatically jump to sex with every new person? It appears that way from television and movies. Perhaps I have some things to learn about relationships. I'm miffed that they didn't even let us see a moment of a happy relationship before immediately screwing with them. I liked Mac's swift epiphany, and perhaps those crazy kids can still make it work on her terms. But I have no idea whose brilliant idea it was to spend thirty seconds making Adam Rose pretend to be a charging bull for no discernible reason. You kind of suck at romance, show. Play to your strengths. Or you end up losing 9.5%.

I also deduct 1% for some weird edits (like the three-second Olympia scene followed by the three-second Mrs. Whatsername scene) and pacing issues.

But enough about that, let's get to the good stuff. Like, aw, Veronica and Keith! Comparing PI exam scores! That's the father/daughter we know and love. Keith's storyline is finally picking up. I can't believe we get EVEN MORE Fitzpatrick mayhem! I thought they would be gone with the loss of the arcs! Oh, Fitzpatricks! You're responsible for EVERYTHING IN NEPTUNE. I love you guys. Also, when Vinnie put his hat in for Sheriff, I thought it would be neat for him to win, but he first had to prove himself a worthy adversary, because he's mostly a big joke. And in that one scene tonight, he really proved himself. That was awesome. When comic relief gets serious, it's freaky! So I guess this proves Vinnie really has no moral compass. I'm not so sure about Cliff, though. I was sort of befuddled as to why he wouldn't be voting for Keith, his friend. Because he's good at his job? It's not like PI Keith would have liked it if Cliff were telling his prime suspect not to answer any questions. Don't be lame, Cliff.

Big Dick!! I was spoiled for his return because the first scene we listened to on set was Logan telling Parker that he'd come back, but I didn't expect him to just show up in Dick's room. The Dick/Big Dick scenes were great, thankfully raising Dick above his usual one note and showing us that he's a real person. I loved that all this time, he's been feeling guilty about not only Beaver's Cassidy's suicide, but his mass murder as well. I knew that Rob had thought out this idea before, the sense that Beaver was raised in a house of manly men who prided themselves on manliness, and it was more that emotional abuse than Woody's sexual abuse that caused him to turn out like he did. And while it's really unfortunate he didn't manage to get it into season two (or earlier in this season, following Dick's "Welcome Wagon" breakdown), I'm glad it finally came out in Dick's line: "We had contests to see who could make him cry first!" Oh, Casablancases. You're so fucked up. Fucked-up families, you're pretty good at, show. Except Parker's parents because who cares.

The MOTW was good. Apollo was played by Nelsan Ellis, who was Carter on The Inside! I'm not sure I actually saw him on the set because the camera was never on him, but I don't think I even recognized his name on the sides! I feel so stupid! Anyway, the scenes we saw/listened to were his monologue describing his conscription (which was odd to watch in the episode because they cut a Parker scene in the middle of it, even though the scene was shot uninterrupted (also odd to see Veronica in that outfit since we talked to Kristen in that outfit for a while)) and the scene where Veronica hears him on the phone (which was odd to watch filmed because someone reads the VMVO as Kristen walks and also reads the "Silver Pictures" (shout-out alert! Also, [Deputies] Kitsis and Horowitz are Rob's friends who write for Lost)). I thought it was a neat twist that Veronica totally got played (that's always a good time!), but for a very good reason. Well done, Apollo! The heartwarming ending was kind of a "Where's my noir?" moment, but it was still sweet.

Piz and Veronica are cute together! Yeah, I said it. Suck it. The final scene was one we saw filmed in its entirety, from all the various camera angles. We saw it so very many times, I honestly found it jarring to watch the finished product because my brain couldn't handle it with all the cutting and the music. It didn't look and sound like I had imagined, and I was there. Spoilers are bad! I think it could have been cut together better. Dammit, Dan Gabbe, Editor Extraordinaire! You have let me down.

I don't want to let go, you guys. I really don't, you know. It's fucking Neptune.
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