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This New Leona Naess Track Is THE BOMB!


Now, it all comes down to four words:

The Heroes episode post.

All right, that was 80% awesome.

A lot of this was due to the fact that Sylar was 210% awesome. The superhearing! The casual ice cream planning! Using the name of the man he murdered (always a good sign you're a psychopath)! Lying to the face of the FBI agent who doesn't even recognize him because she last saw him before they'd cast the part! Then Sylar steals all my exclamation points and transmogrifies them into capslock because he is the COOLEST TELEKINETIC EVER. I want to flip a van with a blasé twitch of my two fingers. God, if I were evil and had telekinesis, that's exactly how I'd act. I mean, I already pretend I have the power to open automatic doors. I'm not sure I would have come up with the telekinetic finger knife, though. But I certainly would go up on top of a roof, play with fire, look out over the city, and say, "Boom." (I've been randomly saying "BOOM" to everyone lately. I love it. Oh, Sylar. Never stop being melodramatically evil!)

Peter and Claire must have spent the whole episode making out. We didn't see much of them. Although I really wanted Claire to shoot Peter in the head like he told her to. Because, hey? That WON'T WORK unless the bullet actually remains lodged in his brain.

R.I.P. Ted, by the way. I actually liked him after he was rehabilitated. You know, once you have a very literal meltdown, you can begin to heal!

Let's talk about Candice for a second. Candice, by the way. Not Candace. I know it was touch-and-go there for a while, but we have now seen it ON THE SCREEN. Get it right, people. I really loved the "So am I" moment because it's one of the things this show does really well at times: it assumes the audience can make the next step in the reveal. At first, though, I wasn't positive it meant what I thought I did (women always think they're huge!), but then Candice's subsequent monologue clinched it, again without coming out and saying it. Very nicely written and acted. It added a whole new layer to the character that I didn't even suspect existed but in retrospect totally should have. Of course she's hot! She made herself hot! I love how the powers are so appropriate for the characters; they're truly wish fulfillment come to life. One of my favorite online comics is the one that gives Eden's backstory.

Oh, Micah. No one taught you about ethics. Oh, Linderman. No one taught you about voter fraud. Nathan goes from being down in the exit polls to suddenly winning in a landslide? That's not going to look suspect?

I figured Linderman was going to heal Nathan's wife, but I thought it was going to be more sinister than that. Aw.

Hiro was the weak link this week. I've grown tired of his "Wah, I can't do it!" schtick. You can STOP TIME, dude. Live a little. Remember when you were awesome? The twist with his dad was interesting especially because it was almost identical to the speech Linderman gave Nathan. Both sides saw the other side as "losing their way." It's...kind of creepy, really. It sort of sounds like Veronica Mars fandom. I really really want to know more about the older generation, man. What was Papa Petrelli's power? What the FUCKING HELL were they all doing back in the day? When did the falling out occur that landed Hiro's dad on this other side? At least this makes his initial storyline more sensical. It was all a test, Hiro! Don't you love parents??

I want to learn how to be a samurai in half an hour.

Bennet and Parkman make a really amusing team. Parkman was really good fun, especially with the out-of-nowhere "porno" guess. And then Jessica's "Didn't I throw you out of a window?" HEE! And then the Awkward Elevator Ride!! Oh, elevators. Always good for a chuckle.

Don't rest in peace, Thompson! Boo-yah! Bennet is a total badass once again: "What am I thinking now?" / "YOUR LAST THOUGHT." OH SNAP. And, wow, dude, following that up with "We were old friends." Man is cold. Sometimes I forget he's kind of an antihero because I like him so much. I mean, he even knew the Walker System was a person, and he was willing to kill whoever it was. And the fact that it was a little girl didn't stop him; his daughter's safety was paramount. He was even willing to remain in a Mexican standoff for FIFTEEN MINUTES. I wonder what Mohinder and Bennet talked about all that time.

"Make one move and I kill her, Mohinder."
"I will kill you first."
"You don't have it in you."
"I almost killed Sylar."
"He...stopped the bullet."
"You didn't have a backup plan?"
"Well, I knocked him unconscious later."
"And you didn't shoot him??"
"Well, I..."
"You know, I think I might just kill you first."

Ando is awesome, you guys. He's come a hell of a long way from the beginning of the season. I'm really afraid for him. Dude's so going to get himself killed.

Have they just given up on having Niki/Jessica make any goddamn sense? When did Jessica get soft? Why would she relinquish control like that?

One of the reasons I love this show is that the image of D.L. jumping in front of a bullet to protect Niki at first produces the reaction, "Well, that's the most ineffectual tactic ever."

Another reason is the fact that you can have a character REACH INTO SOMEONE'S HEAD AND SQUEEZE HIS BRAIN UNTIL HE DIES. That's not how I expected Linderman to go. I didn't even expect him to go yet! What the hell! And now D.L. is bleeding to death!

All right. Next week is the big one. The problem with Heroes is that it is too damn awesome, and we subsequently expect the world of it. Anything less than complete and utter flailtacular OMG HOLY FUCKING SHIT awesomeness next week will be considered a failure and a disappointment. And I don't want that. I really don't. Please don't let me down, show.
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