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The Point of the Internet Is to Make Money Off Stupid People

I attempted to shop at Trader Joe's today. And I spent an hour with only milk and juice in my cart because that's all I understood. I've become dependent on regular grocery stores the way other people are dependent on Trader Joe's. What's their goddamn deal? There are no choices! It's all Trader Joe's this and Trader Joe's that! No variety! It might be good for certain individual items, but I have no idea how to do all my grocery shopping there.

I did get a really good frozen pizza, though.

Veronica Mars was soooooo much better this week! Congratulations, Dan Etheridge, on a fabulous directing debut!

First of all, straight from the top: Veronica/Wallace BFF moments! Like, throughout the episode! I loved it! That's the Wallace we know and love. The one who's willing to brave those girls and their girly-girl drama.

Second of all: Trish!! It was funny, when we were leaving the writers' office, Hadley was looking at who was called on set the days we were going to be down there, and he lamented that he hadn't been on set when she was down there. We commiserated in her hotness. Come on, Lindsey McKeon's been on three CW shows already! Can't she have her own show? For my sake? Heeey, can she and Keegan Connor Tracy have a show? It can be called Strangely Hot Brunettes and the Indian Dude Who Loves Them.

Third of all: Keith! Fighting crime, following up on leads, championing the Beatles, hiring ex-deputies who once stole evidence...it's a good time. The weak link in the episode, but it was better than his plotline last week. And, hey, who doesn't love a good Fitzpatrick reference, right? Poor Danny Boyd. He's stooped to petty burglary? And he had so much potential. I was spoiled about Vinnie's running for sheriff, but I was very amused about the way it came about. He's an "asset to the community"! I expected someone to ask for a removal of "et to the community."

Fourth of all: Mac! Oh, cuteness. This show, I swear, you pair any two characters together, and magic happens. Logan and Mac! Who'd've guessed? And Dick actually served a useful purpose, look at that. It's a good thing I learned all about "ghostriding the whip" from the radio a few months ago. That's a pretty classic Dick move there. And Mac did the polite thing by breaking up with her boyfriend before actively pursuing the boy she's meant to be with. Also, I'm not sure if you noticed, but Logan's not over Veronica. It may not be clear. (I actually liked the way they played Logan's reaction to the Piz thing, as much as I hate that Logan has been reduced to Veronica's (ex-)boyfriend this season (so I was happy that most of Logan's plot this week was completely unrelated to Veronica). And Logan's professor sucks. What the hell, he had a legitimate presentation set up.)

Fifth of all: Paul Rudd! Who was hilarious. All his names for Piz were great (and surely a little shout-out to the fans who complained about his silly name). His rock star character may have been somewhat of a cliché, but whatevs! He was really fun. And he brought us Ashley from Two Guys and a Girl! When Rob showed us the opening Paul Rudd scenes (it was cute, the cut they had put the credits in the middle of it, and even though he'd only intended to show us the first part, he made us watch the rest of the scene too), Marc and I couldn't figure out who the hell blackcat80 was, even though we both recognized her. It bugged us until Hadley looked her up for us. I didn't think she looked that bad, but I guess if he had been expecting a young, nubile blonde, she did not fit the bill.

Sixth of all: My Pretty Pony! We saw a My Pretty Pony poster in the KRFF office, and it's the funniest thing, because the new album is called Broken Dreams, Broken Souls, and the hit single is "You Break Me." And you know when they show My Pretty Pony on the news? The guy in the red, on the left from the front and then in the back from the side? Is none other than ROB THOMAS. LOOK AT HIS HAIR. I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. Oh, Rob. And if I'm not mistaken, he must be playing the dead guy, right?? That's funny. The song is damn catchy, too! I had it stuck in my head for a while! The "new crap" song was good too (it's apparently a Cotton Mather song called "My Before and After"...so apparently in the VMverse, Cotton Mather does not exist, or he's going to sue Desmond Fellows for plagiarism!). I wonder if Paul Rudd was really singing.

Seventh of all: the RHOTW! That's Red Herrings of the Week. Even though the mystery ended up being a wild goose chase, I didn't care because I found it immensely entertaining. Just handwave the impossibility of sending a Chinese character over IM because the "Grace!" reveal was amusing. Oh, Enbom. You think you're sooooo clever! And I loved the Ratner confrontation too, as it was very reminiscent of "Veronica Mars has accused me of evil." And she apologized! What a bitch.

(I was sort of distracted at the beginning because we were in that classroom! The "Semites for the Savior" banner was still up. And we saw the brochures they were passing out up close, and they're hilarious. They have fake Bible quotes like "For I am a holy man, a good man, a Jew man" from Markizzle 13:4 and headers like "Can I Get Fries with Y'Shua?")

I actually suspected that the backpacks had been switched early on, and no one thought to check. Veronica's Carson act was great.

Eighth of all: Piz! This was his episode, and I liked him. Mostly. I mean, it was cool for him to nurture Desmond's songwriting, and it was somewhat cool of him to force him to start with some new material, but I was sort of displeased that he kept the tapes from him the entire concert. Those people paid to hear My Pretty Pony songs, you know! I'd be sort of pissed if I came and never got to hear "You Break Me" at all, despite the great solo performance. Maybe he did an acoustic version for the crowd.

Ninth of all: Piz and Veronica! Eggplant and Macaroni! Or...whatever they were talking about, which was amusing. I liked that Veronica pulled away, and Piz not only got it but didn't force it. Then they bonded over solving a mystery, just like with Logan. God, what a desecration of the art of mystery solving. I thought the hand holding was cute, myself.

Tenth of all: product placement! That was brilliant. "The leftover gum?" And then we hilariously got an actual bump PLUS an ad for Extra. They're reeeeally sponsoring the hell out of our show!

Eleventh of all: I kind of loved this episode. It had a shitload of funny lines; I was laughing a lot. And I was entertained by all the plots and the characters; I didn't even miss the mystery arc. I think it's one of the best of the season.

In conclusion, Lindsey McKeon should knock on my door right now.
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