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The Only Buckets I Order Come in Original and Extra Crispy

My company is having an off-site in San Francisco. We resume tomorrow at 7:30 for breakfast. I actually drove back home tonight just so I could watch Veronica Mars and post about it. I don't know what this says about me.

Oh, fuck you, fandom. I thought you had stripped my love away entirely, but within minutes, I was just glad to be back in Neptune. I missed my show.

The MOTW was actually much better than the promos made it out to be with those random dialogue snippets taken out of context. It was interesting, for one, to see Arab characters on the show. And I actually did like the owners of Babylon Gardens, especially the dad, who I think made an excellent point about being American. I was a little surprised that he deported Nasir; I expected him to just, you know, fire him. That seemed like Veronica-level vengeance there, but I think he felt like a better target for it than Derrick, who was merely lashing out because of his brother's injury. What's Nasir's excuse? He's the reason for the threats! The vandalism!

The paintball drive-by was...bizarre, I have to say. It was one of the things we discussed in Rob's office, and I don't think it really turned out successful. It walked the line between being dramatic and funny, but it was neither. It seemed too serious to be funny, but it was...paintball and thus not very serious.

I didn't like Amira at first, but I have to admit I warmed up to her a teeny bit when I found out we had something in common. All in all, I think they handled a sensitive topic very well. Decent mystery with red herrings that lead to clues that lead to red herrings that lead to clues. You know how it goes with this show. Mysteries are fun. Plus, the classroom scene was damn hilarious.

Robby Hull must have just watched season one or something. Principal Clemmons! Pirate Points! Pimp juice! Purity tests!

Sheriff Mars Don't Take No Guff from Nobody was an okay spin-off. I thought it was a little odd to put so much focus on underage drinking after one incident. I mean...isn't there actual crime out there to be solving? Maybe it's a slow week in Neptune. But it was a good way to show how the changing of the guard is taken. The town isn't used to having someone who actually cares in office. Especially that guy they voted out once before. I wonder whether people know the details of the Lilly Kane case. Obviously, it came out that Aaron Echolls was accused, but he got off. And Keith wrote that book, so people know about Jake Kane's involvement in covering it up. But did they acknowledge their mistake? Or do they still think of him as the bumbling sheriff? I mean, he lost the election.

I wonder how Keith is going to re-staff the force after firing most everyone. That was sort of harsh too (is everyone taking lessons from Veronica this week?), but I guess if they wouldn't take this seriously, Keith can't trust them to take anything seriously. He knows he doesn't have their respect. This means that Sacks will now handle everything! He'll be promoted to Sergeant.

I also like that there is some tension now that Keith is officially a lawman now. Veronica can't fly under the radar as easily.

Another thing to like: Wallace and Piz, being all roommate-like and friendly! Mac! Being adorable! And Max! Being adorable with Mac! ("Did my friends pay you to talk to me?" Ahahahahaha! You're out of here, Bronson. Mac's found her ethically challenged soulmate.)

You know, this episode was full of hot brunettes! Miranda Apple. Dick's MySpace chicks. Even Amira. Way to go, show!

Dear Rob,

No one says "Gotta boogie" anymore. Please stop using it.

Your friend,

So it looks like Logan is still mumbling everything, and he's riding the awkwardness train. How the hell long has he been dating Parker, though? It seems way early to be putting their picture on a cake. Although it is Parker, and it's apparently what she always wanted since she was five.

Wallace has clearly seen Gilmore Girls (well, clearly!) and probably also The Office, as "going all in" seems to be the metaphor du jour for television relationships. Although they're usually reserved for OTPs. Which Veronica/Piz is not. It's not going to work. Veronica is too hard, and Piz is too soft. It will be a nice distraction, though. I'm not sure how I feel about the kiss because while impulsive romantic gestures can be kind of cute, saying, "Just friends," afterward is kind of assy.

That's the shot Dan Gabbe showed us, by the way, that he asked our opinions about. With the camera sweep and all. And we saw them shooting the scene where Miranda is asking Piz for a shout-out on his talk show. It's funny because they were only reshooting the close-up of Piz; the coverage including Wallace, we didn't see. So it looks like this big party scene, but when they're filming Piz, they're in one little decorated corner of the Neptune Grand set with...actually, there may not even have been any extras behind him. It's not like you could see them in a close-up.

And the studio exec spoiled us for the ending with Logan in the elevator and the fact that Mac and Max are cute, among other things. I kept waiting throughout the episode to see the things the studio notes had mentioned.

The studio really liked the episode. How about you folk?
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