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Football, Racecars, and Democracy: An All-American Post

I am about to make a statement that will please, like, eighty percent of my flist:

I've watched the first four episodes of Friday Night Lights, and I like it. I don't love it, but I can't stop watching. Even though I don't actually like many of the characters or the town in general, there's just something about the look and feel and atmosphere that draws you in. The pilot felt more like an indie film than a television show, and subsequent episodes have felt a little more like a television show, which is both good and bad. It's odd because, paradoxically, I feel like the show is completely forgettable because it is so far from my high school experience as to be an alternate universe, but it stays with you somehow. I watched three episodes yesterday and woke up this morning wanting to go back to Dillon, Texas.


It's time for some more crazy Race rules! We now have this Jump Start Challenge business, which at least finally gives some motivation for people to get to checkpoints in a timely manner. But I'm not sure I get it. Because if there is one guy an entire checkpoint ahead of everyone, what, does he get the same clues as they do, just he's getting them early? And Bright's waiting at the checkpoint JUST FOR HIM? In addition to the other checkpoint that needs to have someone waiting for everyone else? The logistics of this are baffling. Especially when you consider that, apparently, the checkpoint after Virginia is in Georgia, so they're just fucking with these people and making them go back and forth and up and down across the country.

Let's talk about Rob and Ellie. Or, let's not, because what the hell?

Or how about Leigh and Susan? Well, the God thing was kind of...odd, but I do like signs and stuff. Although when a giant truck runs you off the road, that's also a sign. Bye, Susan. That's what happens when you're A) not hot and B) not in the credits.

I liked this week's clue. It was actually somewhat difficult.

But the main story involves our new fearsome foursome, one of whom orders a sissy drink after being all pimptastic in a bit of ironic humor. Hee. And Sean steps up and becomes useful! Good job, homes!

I find that I don't really have anything deep to say about this show, but it's crazy fun to watch, and I want another episode immediately.



I'd actually forgotten where we left off with most of the characters. Bennet remained awesome by orchestrating a psychic breakout with the help of an EMP. Very slick. I'm not entirely sure how he managed to beam his thoughts to Parkman despite how far away he was, but...er, I'll let it go. And it's odd that Bennet didn't know Linderman was at the top of the food chain, because, well...it seemed pretty obvious from the get-go, didn't it? Everything goes back to Linderman! His nickname around the office is "Beaver."

We already knew from the comic that Linderman could heal, although I didn't know it worked on plants too. He's like that hot 4400 who got blown up! So, that was an interesting conversation with Nathan. His master plan is to unite the world around a massive tragedy? It appears Tim Kring has been brushing up on his comics history! I won't spoil what this plot point made me think of, but if you've read it, you know what it is. There's also, of course, the real-world example of 9/11, which totally failed to unite the world and bring peace. So...not sure your plan's going to work, Linderman. This is a post-9/11 world, isn't it? Didn't he see how that didn't work? Does Bush exist in Heroes?

Sylar is pretty badass, you guys. I loved the shards o' glass trick. And then Mohinder came through with the save! And then Sylar had a hissyfit over The List! And then Mohinder joined forces with Thompson! This is not going to end well. Dammit, Mohinder, CAN YOU EVER PICK A GOOD FUCKING PARTNER?

We're all agreed that Isaac puts the secret of how to stop Sylar and the explosion in the final issue of 9th Wonders, right? Good.

Claire Claire Claire! *hugs* I wonder what Mama Petrelli's power is. I wonder what her history is. She's rather mysterious with the secrets and vagueness.

I think it's funny that Peter has SO MUCH HAIR that it took sweet little Claire to discover that he, you know, HAD A SHARD OF GLASS STICKING OUT OF HIS SKULL. Does he have a scar now? Anywhere? You'd think the regenerative thing would keep him from scarring. Maybe that wasn't The Scar. OH MY GOD I HOPE HE GETS A LIGHTNING-BOLT SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD.

It feels like there were scenes missing where D.L. and Jessica had a talk and he made it clear he knew that she was Jessica and all that. Because jumping in like that was sort of disorienting, even though apparently we were supposed to be able to tell that he knew last time. Anyway, we know what Linderman needs Micah for. I like how a week-long online event gets explained away as a two-second throwaway line on the show. Heh.

And, finally, Hiro! And Future Hiro! Together again, for the first time! Why does he sound so mean and aggressive and accusatory? Is he secretly full of self-loathing? And how the hell long did it take him to create that crazy-ass timeline, complete with artifacts from the future?

Is it next Monday yet?
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