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Crashing Not Like Hips or Cars, No, More Like P-P-P-Parties

I had a very, very busy weekend. Want to know what I did? I'll bet you do. But in the spirit of April Fool's, some of this may not be entirely truthful. See if you can spot the fakes!
  • Received word on Friday night that my cousin was having her Sweet Sixteen party (in Belmont) the following evening, which was the same night as hobviously's birthday party (in Petaluma)
  • Resolved to have my cake and eat it too, although I would end up not having cake at either party
  • Left Saturday afternoon to go on many puzzling errands
  • Sought advice regarding finances
  • Bought flowers for my aunt, mother of my cousin
  • Received a phone call from athenacqd just as I had parked and was able to answer
  • Bought new running socks
  • Bought a Barnes and Noble gift card with a pirate design for my cousin, to be used toward the purchase of HP7
  • High-tailed it to Belmont
  • Surprised my aunt with both my very presence, as I had told her I had pre-existing plans, and the flowers
  • Admired the transformation of the backyard into a Hawaiian paradise
  • Gave my cousin her gift, which she knew what to do with as soon as she saw where it was from
  • Went to pick up the food for the party and buy soft drinks
  • Drove the Suburban to go get another table
  • Felt out of place among a horde of teenage girls
  • Danced bhangra in a sling
  • Helped set up the food
  • Ate chicken tikka masala while standing up
  • Left the party around 8:30, about half an hour later than I had planned
  • Made it to Petaluma a mere ten minutes or so under the Google Maps estimate (about 1 hour 18 mins) by keeping the needle above 80 most of the time
  • Thought of Sherrie when "Read My Mind" came on because we had both lamented the crappiness of the latest Killers album and missed the boyfriend who looked like his girlfriend
  • Thought of Sherrie while singing along to "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" because the last thing I ever said to her, apparently, was "OH SO INTRICATE"
  • Broke into hobviously's house with her friend Shona because no one was home
  • Did my physical therapy
  • Finally met the illustrious sophia_helix, along with many other friends of Tris
  • Played Quiddler, which is basically Scrabble with cards, with Kevin, who looked and sounded like Norm MacDonald, and learned new words like quean and quin
  • Lost the game because my cursèd honesty compelled me to point out that he had added the points for the final round incorrectly
  • Finally met the illustrious lodessa
  • Played Kings, a drinking game, by drinking Sprite
  • Soberly pointed out when everyone was breaking the rules, forcing them to drink
  • Laughed as Tris fell on her head after doing a handstand on a Dare
  • Sang along to "Teenage Dirtbag"
  • Danced to "Intergalactic Friends"
  • Made up for asking people to rhyme with "orange" by asking them to name Regina Spektor songs
  • Sang along to "El Scorcho"
  • Put dishes and forks and glasses in the sink because why not
  • Played Clue with sophia_helix's sister and Kevin
  • Laughed uproariously when she discovered I had the lead pipe, having been confounded to discover that she had had the rope earlier
  • Lost again
  • Left around 2:30, approximately two-and-a-half hours after I had planned to leave
  • Drove 80 across the San Rafael Bridge and mused upon what would happen if I lost control, crashed through the barrier, and fell into the bay
  • Went to sleep at 3:30, needing to wake up at 7:00 to make it to the twelve-mile run at 8:00
  • Woke up at 9:43
  • Cursed a lot but decided it was probably worth it since the party had been fun
  • Drove to the site in order to pick up a map of the route
  • Had brunch with Tom Scola and other Buffistas
  • Watched the Doctor Who premiere and really liked it
  • Ran twelve miles all by myself, which meant I got lost a few times and may have run eleven miles or seventeen miles for all I know
  • Marveled at the fact that my feet never went numb, a phenomenon I attributed to my magic new socks, which were thicker and thus provided cushioning and shock absorption or SOMETHING
  • Was not able to walk afterward, as is bound to happen after running for nearly three hours
  • Sat in cold cold water for ten minutes
  • Made frozen pizza while shivering
  • Ate dinner and watched American Gothic around ten o'clock
  • Posted to LJ

April Fool's! They were all real.
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