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Tonight Was a "Holy Fucking Shit" Night of TV

I never thought Monday would end up being the best night of TV in the week. Three hour-long dramas! All in a row! Boom boom boom!

Prison Break


Didn't see that coming.

And C-Note's not dead! At least he tried. Maricruz is pretty. Look at those dimples! Dr. Sara is pretty. Look at that junkie bonding session!

I love that Kim's a total power-hungry bastard who won't even take shit from the President.


So I feel sort of lame for crying so much and overdramatizing Mr. Bennet's sacrifice since it wasn't as OMG SO TRAGIC as I imagined it to be, despite being a pretty big deal. The Haitian couldn't have gone all that deep, then, could he? He must remember that Claire has powers because he knows he has to keep her safe from Primatech. I'm glad he's still mostly himself, but it does change the impact of the ending of the last episode. Regardless, memory wiping is pretty heavy shit, and I think it's still significant that he, who has ordered so many memory wipes over the years, asks that one be performed on him. It's freaky shit!

But DUDE! HOW AWESOME IS HE? HE TOTALLY DID THAT THING WHERE HE FUCKING LEFT MESSAGES FOR HIMSELF LIKE HE WAS LEONARD SHELBY OR SOMETHING. And he told his wife! Oh my God! I can't believe I ever wanted her dead. She's so cool! She's all fucking conspiratorial! Turning up the opera! Playing dumb! And no one really cares about Lyle, ever, really, do they. It's all Claire Claire Claire with these guys. I wonder if Lyle will ever serve a real purpose. Especially because...he must be adopted, right? Because the Bennets couldn't have kids of their own.

So, the new chick, Candice? HOT. She can stay. Even if she isn't the greatest actress. Something just feels off about all her deliveries, bitchy as they are. Also, why are hot, bitchy women hot on TV but unappealing in real life? Anyway, it's sad that her shapeshifting/illusioning is pretty damn predictable so far. As soon as Simone walked in the place, I knew what was up, and then after she specifically commented on Mrs. Bennet's hair, I knew it was her the next time we saw her. She opens up a lot of fun possibilities, though. But, damn, dude. So much for Bennet's awesome plan, huh?

But let's talk about another awesome plan, shall we? Because: Nathan's working for the Feds!! Okay, I didn't like Nathan very much in the beginning, but he's great. I'm with you, sistakaren! Hell, Hiro nails it, doesn't he? "You pretend not to care but really you care too much." Awwwww. He's a marshmallow! And Hiro totally fanboys him; it's cute.

(Note: I know it's a good episode when I have trouble writing the post my usual way because the storylines are too intertwined to focus on each of them separately.)

Finally, we see Linderman, and...it's sort of anticlimactic. I mean, woo, Malcolm McDowell, but...not what I expected at all. He wasn't as menacing as I wanted him to be until near the end. Then he got cool. I do wonder what he puts in his pot pies.

ANDO SAVES THE DAY! How damn cool is that? And then they teleport to the future!

Claire Claire Claire! I want to smoosh her. It's funny that she's so into Peter, but if you look at what she's experienced, Peter is the only person who really gets her, with the powers and all, especially since her mom's a bitch. I wonder if Zack is just an afterthought at this point.

But she goes to see Peter Petrelli. And Mama Petrelli is sort of a bitch to her. And then she KNOWS HER NAME. And then she's SPEAKING FRENCH. And then THE HAITIAN IS THERE. And I am FLAILING INCOHERENTLY. She's who the Haitian has been answering to! And she fucking knows everything! Who the hell is she? Why was she stealing SOCKS or whatever in the pilot? Does she have powers?? She's Claire's GRANDMA. When is Claire going to put two and three together and get uncle?

Meanwhile, Mohinder is making my icon obsolete. Ass! But: rock! It was damn awesome to see Mohinder do cool shit like drug Sylar and make him drop his teacup Usual Suspects-style, paralyze his damn brain, and then yell, "SAY YOUR NAME, BITCH!" And the tuning fork! Where did that man find a spine? He picked up some extra brains too, since he somehow discovered the four (FOUR??) genes necessary for superpowers (they code for promycin!) in five minutes, despite his dad's failure to do so in many months. He forgot, however, that Sylar's telekinetic, dammit. Fucking sweet. (Hold on now: if he thought he'd turned off the superhearing, what good would the tuning fork do?)

And then, Peter! Mohinder! STAKED TO THE CEILING. STILL ALIVE. WRITHING. BLEEDING. HOLY SHIT. SYLAR! TELEKINETIC FINGER KNIFE. AAAAAAUUUUGHHH. I didn't pick up on it myself, but there's Peter's famous scar. Which was set up, like, fourteen episodes ago. I love this show.

The Black Donnellys

Ooh, they're having fun with the Previouslys!! I like that. Cute little arrows too!

So, I think it's terribly amusing that they're addressing the Joey Ice Cream narration so blatantly, and it cracked my shit up every time he was all, "Oh, I was there!" And then Tommy and Kevin are like, "Where the fuck did he come from?" Yet, you believe that Joey is just the sort of guy that would be there and no one pays attention to, so he just observes. I love the narration because, despite the presence of an unreliable narrator, it gives credibility to the story itself. It says that the story of the Donnelly brothers is a story worth being told. Joey needs to watch it, however, because the idea that Jenny was Tommy's price for Jimmy's leg is fucking lame given that when the issue came up initially, I took it to mean the fact that, you know, Jimmy fucked up Tommy's life, period. That's the damn price, God. Also, what the hell, Jenny. You don't do that! You're hot, so maybe you get away with it. This time.

(Joey can keep fucking up idiomatic expressions, however. I'm easy. "Obviously, we come from different neighborhoods.")

Jimmy sucks, guys.

I loved that Alvarez totally set up Sal's death so he could take over. Heh. And I loved the "negotiation" scene with Tommy at the end.

Er, Tommy Donnelly has a really nice body. And here I thought the target audience was butch dudes who like killing people.

Overall, the episode wasn't as good as the pilot, but I'm loving how damn serial the show is already. It looks like the events of the pilot basically launch a continuing storyline that we get to follow. I'm already freaked out by Huey's brother, and I kept waiting for him to, like, hack off Tommy's foot with an axe on his way out.
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