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I Got My Onomatopoeias Mixed

Who knew that In-N-Out only served BURGERS, period?

Well, er, holy crap. My original opening line was going to involve joy at Wallace and Mac and Parker all being in one episode again. And then they offed Lamb. As soon as he made the quip about calling for backup if he needed it, I feared as much because A) frickin' EW said that someone was going to die and B) I knew Michael was auditioning for pilots (he posted in ROL about potential "new things" for next year). I just didn't expect him to get out this early! Maybe Rob wanted to give him some time off for the auditions? In any case, it makes Keith sheriff again, which is neat. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Wallace and Mac and Parker! Wallace smacked Lamb the hell DOWN. Mac got some LOVIN'. Parker took her SHIRT OFF. And hit on Logan. And it was cute. Oh, Parker. I really enjoyed that whole subplot, despite how completely and utterly disconnected it was from everything else, which is rare for a Klembom script (overall, the episode wasn't as cohesive as usual). I think the jealousy thing is dumb but understandable, I suppose, but whose bright idea was it to follow "Sheriff Lamb's dead" with "Veronica is sad to see Logan and Parker talking omg"? See what I mean, with the cohesive?

I mean, I can actually discuss the coach's murder almost completely separately because it didn't end up connecting with anything at all. I wonder what the purpose in having this big murder mystery was, then. I thought the resolution was an interesting twist. I guess his dad never stopped to think that the man he was trying to make a man would end up a suspect in his own murder. It's...really a big mess! Sure, if it had gone smoothly, I suppose it would have been deemed a carjacking, and Josh would have been sad, for a couple years, and then he would, what, be "ready" to Learn the Truth? I guess Coach Barry needed to make sure the insurance payout came through. Man, what craziness. Also, Veronica sure likes helping suspected felons escape to Mexico. It's like a hobby!

So speaking of hobbies, I will say that I liked the Keith/Veronica interaction in this episode quite a bit. It was alternately lighthearted and serious with appropriate measures of both. And Veronica might as well exhaust all the prison jokes she can get out of her situation.

This episode is where we can obviously see the effects of having to lose an episode because the Dean O'Dell clues were FLYING. And I think they made it work pretty well, considering that I didn't actually make that observation until now; it felt fine when watching the episode. My head is spinning, though!

So: someone bugged Landry's phone. I'm betting that's the red herring that never gets tied up because of the cut episode. There's our spy pen. But I loved Landry in that scene. He's so awesome! I hope he's not the killer.

Now, it looks like Veronica GOT THE TIME OF DEATH WRONG. So they pulled a Lilly Kane on us again, but this time, it's not as elegant because the time of death was established BY the investigating team, not the coroner. Which...speaking of, er, why couldn't a coroner do that? Isn't that what they do? Anyway, I do like the old "Ack, the time of death is wrong, which means all the alibis are either fucked up or on the up and up again." You know, maybe this Clippers clue is a meta jab at all the basketball pre-emptions. But back to the case. This means that the murder took place AFTER the Volvo ride. So the question remains, who the hell took out the Volvo and why? Did the scene we saw in "Spit and Eggs" actually have nothing to do with the murder?

Plus, there's the Xanax. Which pegs Mindy. But really goes nowhere because there's no proof or connection.

And then there's the BIZARRE fingerprints by Steve Batando. What the HELL does he have to do with all this? He's dead now and can't tell us! Also, why would Cliff (Cliff! Who was awesome in this episode) try to set him free through a technicality? That just seemed...dangerous and unwise. If you think about it, he's basically responsible for Lamb's death! Batando may have been in custody if he'd let him talk and all.

Would Mindy be setting him up? I love Mindy! She knows what perjury is! And she's hot! But why would you fake a suicide if you were setting someone up for MURDER? It seems to slow down the process. Maybe she expected more of the law enforcement.

Hank's bloody clothes! They're just his clothes, though; did they test the blood yet?

Thing is, there are WAY too many fingers pointing at Mindy and Hank for either one of them to have actually killed Dean O'Dell. But there are also WAY too many sketchy things about them for it to be all coincidence. I mean, maybe one of them did go to the dean's office that night but not to kill him, and they just fear that it will make them look suspicious. Which it would. But they're just digging themselves deeper and deeper here.

I may be on the Tim train myself. Veronica hasn't suspected him yet, and his "investigation" may be a way of keeping tabs on how he's doing. This may be a way of "proving" himself to Landry by getting rid of a potential threat AND staging the perfect murder.

Or it's Cervando again.

So here's where I come clean. I am currently in L.A. Tomorrow, backup10, spacecitymarc, spadada, and I will be visiting the writers' offices, which, since they're done writing the season, will mostly consist of playing Call of Duty and Resistance: Fall of Man. Kelley will be making googly eyes at John, and I'll be making googly eyes at Diane. And Phil. On Thursday, we'll head down to San Diego to visit the set for a couple days (alliterator will join us on Friday). Kelley will be making googly eyes at Jason, and I'll be making googly eyes at Kristen. And Chris. I will return with stories and pictures! And possibly chlamydia.
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