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Someone Flew! Someone Dew!

I have a whole host of before-the-cut items tonight!

1. Yesterday, I had lunch with Keckler and Belchimaera! We talked for three hours about TWoP and TV! It was awesome! Woo, people! Sometimes, they do not suck.
2. From cran: Heroes fans need to watch this One Tree Hill promo. Just do it. Trust me on this one.
3. From soleta_nf: Since I imagine that most of you guys are very smart, you should really read this fascinating article. Be ready for your world to crumble in an avalanche of psychoanalysis.
4. From thekateyouknow: On a less self-aware note, Newsweek finally realized that TV is better than movies.
5. And speaking of TV and movies, I have finally jumped on the Black Donnellys love train. Find the original pilot and watch it. It's seriously like a movie, but half as long and with no cursing. And better music choices than whatever the aired pilot will have. Damn you, music rights!

Bye, Simone!! No one will miss you! You basically sucked all the time except for one scene, and in every other scene, all you did was bitch and moan. I finally realized this tonight, why she sucks. Because, seriously, every single scene she has, she's complaining. She's like fucking Lana. She's a walking ball of negative energy. Besides, she served little to no purpose overall. There are about three thousand other people with connections to Linderman.

The Hiro and Ando show was better this week, even though that whole shoot-out with explosions and shit was ridiculous. I hope it was supposed to be stupid. Also, Hiro needs to stop referring to the car as the "Versa." Curse you, product placement! But, dude, he totally reversed time. And I'm not sure how that made the gun misfire because when time reversed, what, the bullet had negative momentum somehow? Also: Stan Lee! Haaaaa. But I wonder how in the hell Hiro expects Ando to get back to Japan all on his own.

The Mohinder and Sylar show was pretty great. I loved the deliciously twisted scene where Sylar's all, "So, Sylar killed your dad? And he's still out there? That's awful!" Mohinder, can you not FEEL THE CREEPY? He even acknowledges that he has no idea who this guy is but invited him along anyway, but since he destroyed Dale's favorite wrench, he's cool. I also loved the deliciously twisted scene where Sylar says the word "Murder" in the most awesome way it has ever been spoken. But then, oh man, how great is it that his new power is totally fucking with him just like it fucked with her? And Mohinder, if he's not a complete moron, which is certainly questionable at times, has to suspect something, right? Dale very clearly explained how she felt initially. And Sylar is very clearly exhibiting that same behavior. Also, is it coincidence that Sylar visited Dale the same night they were there? (Well, according to the latest graphic novel, it was actually total coincidence that Sylar visited Zane's place right before Mohinder got there.) This can't go on much longer, or Mohinder's just going to look stupid. If every time they meet someone, they end up Sylared, SOMETHING IS UP. ("Oh my goodness," Mohinder will say. "Sylar must be following us!" And then Sylar will say, "Yes, yes, that's exactly it. That's just what your father thought right before I killed him." And Mohinder will say, "What did you just say?" And Sylar will say, "I like pie.")

I caught up on all the graphic novels to familiarize myself with Hana's backstory before tonight's episode, and it's sort of amusing how pretty much everything Hana-related was already spoiled in either the graphic novels and/or the online adventure. The IM meeting with Ted. The explanation of the marks. The schematic of the pneumatic needles. The shipment of needles to Primatech. The radioactive tracking isotopes. Ted's desire for vengeance. Hey, why the hell didn't Hana text me today? Did she take President's Day off? She took some time to post voicemails, though. I never got around to doing my own. Damn!

I wonder how Hana's sudden and random arrival came off to people who had no idea she was arriving. I mean, they even threw in that scene at the beginning before the Previouslies, which looks like the scene they showed a month ago during Deal or No Deal. I like Hana for a) being hot, b) having an accent, and c) being Jake Foley. Though it seems like she can only deal with e-mails and messages and stuff and can't really control machines like Micah (a.k.a. Mini Mitchell Hundred) can (or else they'd be sort of redundant). What continues to be odd about Ted and Hana and Matt and most other people with the marks is that they believe Primatech gave them their powers.

Ted says, "We could be heroes." I say, "Just for one day!" David Bowie says, "Where's my royalty check?"

Claire! Oh, Claire! You finally reached the breaking point. Yet more awesome. I love how fucking not evil Mr. Bennet is. The dude is seriously just a guy trying to protect his family, and I think he genuinely cares about Claire, powers or not. And he genuinely wanted to take care of his wife, too. There's no question. I mean, generally in these stories, the character is on some important mission, and he gets some news about his family, and he always continues on his work, and we hate him for it. But he didn't even fucking hesitate. As soon as he heard about his wife, he said, "Fuck that invisible bastard, we're going home right now. I can always not see him another time." But the end! In the house! With the guns! I'm so afraid someone in that house is going to die.

So, Peter and Claude! Peter absorbed Sylar's telekinesis! Now that's just weird because, well, if he absorbed Sylar's powers, did he absorb all of them? Or just the one he was using at the time? Telekinesis was the first power Sylar took, and it's clearly the one he's most comfortable with because he uses it all the damn time, so it makes a certain amount of sense that it would be one that Peter would get. But then there the thermal goggles! And the taser thing! And Peter stopped time! And then used his telekinesis on the frozen-in-mid-air thingummies. And then he flew! Like hell! And then Claude got pissed at him for no apparent reason, and we discovered that he can, in fact, make himself invisible, whereas it had previously seemed to be some permanent condition. Come back, Claude! You need to beat up Peter some more!

Or maybe not. Because right now, Peter is awesome. I loved that he just snapped and went ballistic on Isaac for working the other side. And he was using multiple powers and shit! And he was angry! And he got Simone killed! All good things! You continue your Sylar-like descent into darkness, Peter! I'm sort of disturbed at this point by the fact that nearly every single person with powers has sort of crossed the line and done questionable things. You've got that whole team holding the Bennets hostage, including Matt Parkman, diamond thief. You've got Peter, here. You've got Isaac ready to kill Peter and instead killing Simone. You've got Claude being a total misanthrope who's done God knows what in his day, given that he seems to be somewhat of a loose cannon. Micah steals from ATMs; D.L. escapes from jail; Niki/Jessica tear people apart. Hell, even Hiro stole from the museum. Claire skipped school. Nathan is...Nathan. I don't think there's a single clean Hero in the bunch. It's pretty crazy.

And Nathan thinks they'd all be shipped to Genosha. WONDER WHY.
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