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You Can Wear Your T-Shirt That Says, "I'd Rather Be Home Crying"

Do I really always have to have a sentence before the cut? Sometimes I get writer's block for, like, fifteen minutes and can't start my frelling post.

Aha! Here is something: courtesy of spideychris, an amazingly hilarious screenshot from World of Warcraft:

I'm fucking suing Blizzard.

Look, I am sure the VM fandom will find TEN THOUSAND THINGS to hate about this episode because they ALWAYS DO and I will even air some issues myself but can we just reflect for a second here that HOLY SHIT THEY DIDN'T SOLVE THE MOTW AND ENDED WITH A CLIFFHANGER. THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY FOR THIS SHOW. I AM FLAILING.

Okay. Trying to calm down here. I take VM criticism personally. It's a thing, what with my attachment over the last three years.

Shall I start from the top? Because: WALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!! HOMG, I did not realize I missed him so much until we finally got him. For, like, two scenes, BUT STILL. Anyway, the episode got off to a frankly awkward start because, what, who is this random guy yelling at his dad? That came out of nowhere, and in an episode that's like one continuitygasm after another, you'd think they could have seeded this guy earlier too.

I suddenly have the urge to eat ice cream with a friend. Because I like both ice cream and friends. And I just know people are going to jump on Veronica for her "Thanks for bringing it up," but it was entirely good-natured and exactly the sort of thing friends do. The old "Thanks a lot, buddy." I'm glad we got a BFF scene. We hadn't had one in ages.

And a great Veronica/Keith scene between Veronica and breakfast! I may just forgive the pelvic thrusts, or pretend they never happened, which is better for me, really. Keith's Disembodied Voice should play a more prominent role.

And then we get to the end of the teaser, at which point we find out that the coach has been murdered, and I am sort of like WHAT? They can't do this! Isn't this "too big" for the show? I mean, they're already investigating a murder! You can't use a fucking murder as your MOTW, because if you can solve a murder that quickly, why drag it out over 6-22 episodes? I have to rationalize it by noting that Lilly Kane and Dean O'Dell are murders that everyone believed had already been solved. They're sort of stale, which I guess means they require more digging.

So, speaking of stale, let's talk about Logan for a bit, since he hasn't shaved in a while. Wait, while we're here, let's toss a few words to Dick, who was actually pretty damn entertaining tonight, even though I find his taste in women questionable. That chick was not volcanically hot. Wendy the Hooker was hotter than her. But he got some crazy Vegas shenanigans, so good for him, I suppose. (Haven't they used the "Know a good lawyer?"/"I know a lawyer" joke before?)

Back to Logan. His plotline could have been a disaster, but I loved the little girl! I'm told the actress was also great on Joan of Arcadia, so props to the casting department. I liked that she wasn't annoying, and I liked that Logan wasn't annoyed by her for most of the episode. He even hooked up his Gamecube for her and played Mario Kart and gave her tips on how to play and may I once again say that I love the authenticity of gaming on this show? "If I'm beating you with Peach, you need some work."

And HA. Rob is such an Austinite!! He made Logan love Amy's even though there are no Amy'ses in California! Only Texas! But Amy's is the best, and they're much better than Zip's, whoever they are. I wonder if Logan loves Cop Stop like I do.

I loved Logan's retaliation for the "I'm going to meet this guy I met online" gag because I totally believed him, and she looked so distraught, and it was great. And the song thing was just so cute, and in the elevator, with the shirt, and the "It's her, it's her, it's her" and the haaaaadorable. I was a little puzzled by Veronica's reaction since I couldn't tell whether she was angry at Heather or angry at Logan for telling Heather or just plain awkwarded out. I think she could stand to listen to him; I mean, he's got an eleven-year-old on his side. Although she probably doesn't want to be with someone who makes little girls cry. It's sort of sad that he thinks Veronica actually heard his entire voicemail, though. Has he met her?

We have, and we like to see her investigating and calling in favors, like asking Weevil to hook her up with the PCHers. Weevil, who is on the straight and narrow when he's not out stealing cars and cubing them. That just baffled me and made me wonder whether the writer had just not been told about the past episode, or something. *handwaves*

I would just like to reiterate for the court that Mindy O'Dell is hot.

Maybe the most fantastic thing about this episode is that they brought back, like, every single bit character from the season. That alumnus with the cigar! Mason! Jeff Ratner! ARTURO HA HA HA! (He was pretty much the only person that could be under that helmet, because, what, Bootsy was going to take over? The actor took some lessons over the past year; he was much better in this episode.) Hell, even the frickin' Neptune Grand DESK CLERK.

So about the time I started saying, "Geez, half the episode has gone by and there's been no mention of the Dean O'Dell case," the case heats up like hell, with all sorts of crazy clues and evidence! Fingers keep pointing to Mindy and Hank, and it's way too obvious, but nothing is officially clearing them. They could have easily made up the toothpaste story together. The fact that Hank knows how Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (which I need to see) ends means he's seen the movie (or, hell, read about it), not that he specifically watched it that night. But, dude, who is the other guy that Jeff heard? Wait a sec. God, I'm a fucking doof. It was Dean O'Dell and Hank arguing, for fuck's sake!! Although I would be surprised that Jeff couldn't recognize the dean's voice. And I was about to call Keith a fucking doof, but I remembered that he doesn't know that O'Dell visited Rory Finch the night of his murder.

CLIFF! That just had to be said, of course.

Mindy O'Dell's cleavage is also hot.

I don't know what to think about Josh. I mean, he can't actually be the murderer, right? That would just be...wrong. And what was with that bizarre look at his freaky cellmate? I thought he was going to give him a cookie or something, but he didn't, so...does he help him escape? And what about Mason? If Mason is a red herring, that pretty much only leaves Josh again.

Some people have speculated that this murder will be used to parallel the dean's murder, which would lend credence to Gram O'Dell, the dean's son, as the culprit. He does enjoy trashing that Volvo.

But, but...TWO-PARTER. They arrested Veronica. And put her in JAIL. This is crazy times!

Overall, I have to say that something was missing from the episode. I supposed I could blame the guest writer, but I think a lot of it just the placement of this episode in the arc and the sense that the last three episodes have been filler leading up to this kickstarter. I mean, now Veronica cares about solving the dean's murder, after finding out that he wrote her the shortest yet most effective recommendation letter ever? And now Keith is all, "I quite liked your husband"? I like seeing Keith and Veronica personally motivated! But perhaps if they had been so from the beginning, the investigation would have been less disappointingly dull.

But there were also many, many awesome things, as I mentioned, and several funny lines. And I'm just going to crib from spadada here as to why the episode was good:
I know the fans get criticized for over-hyping S1, but whatever it was that this show had during that season, it was back in "Postgame Mortem." I wish I knew how to put it into words... A lot of it is about continuity of character and place. The feeling that Neptune is a real place: a real, really bad place, where really bad things happen all the time. There are good people and there are bad people and there are the Marses, right in the middle of it, trying to survive and sometimes getting a little justice. And now that I am on my fifth edit of this post I have decided to just say it: if TV shows have souls, tonight Veronica Mars got hers back.
Things are really heating up now that Mars Investigations has got to solve TWO murders. Man, just when you think you've got this show figured out...
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