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The Incredible Edible Mr. Muggles

Reason Number #435 Why I Love My Company: The Chief Medical Officer made a Borat reference during an employee meeting.

Very good episode tonight, lack of Claude throwing people off roofs and then punching them in the face notwithstanding.

The opening made me laugh because I never even thought of the blackmail angle, and that, apparently, was Meredith's motivation to begin with. So, Meredith sucks.

And then I laughed again when Ando FOUND HOPE AHAHAHA. Although I really didn't get the return to Hiro/Ando bickering. Those two are so on-again/off-again. Why won't they just listen to each other?

Hiro and Ando continued to be the weak link in the episode, however, for three straight weeks in a row. This is not good!! Get your fucking powers back, Hiro. Claire is wiping the floor with you. Sure, you did the classic buddy comedy move of hiding in a room service cart, and Ando awesomely threw your own words right back at you, but you didn't recognize an overly done sob story when you heard one? Okay, you didn't want to do it, sure, but not for the right reasons. And now you're both screwed. Seriously: GET YOUR FUCKING POWERS BACK.

Mohinder, you fool! You have no powers, but Zane Taylor was a punk-loving metalbender until, somehow, I don't know, Sylar tapped your fucking phone or something. And Sylar, criminy, he just gets creepier and creepier. I mean, there was no reason to wear Zane's Ramones shirt; it's not like Mohinder knew a flipping thing about Zane (and Zane apparently doesn't know a flipping thing about WHAT PEOPLE WHOSE LAST NAMES ARE SURESH LOOK LIKE). But Sylar got "in character." And melted a toaster. And swabbed a dead guy. And gaaah. And then he formed an unholy alliance! Dammit, Mohinder! In your defense, and I never thought I'd be defending you, you have no way of knowing that he's Sylar. Unless you recognized his voice from the voicemail or something. Except Sylar changed his voice subtly, like he does, so that he would sound like Zane's voicemail. What the hell kind of name is Zane, anyway? He sounds like he's in a Wheel of Fortune Before and After puzzle: "Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle. Billy Zane Taylor."

This episode made Jessica and Matt interesting, which I know is a feat for some people. The latter, for all people, probably. Jessica taking control is great because it's fun to see Niki trapped in reflective surfaces; I love the conceit even if it doesn't really make any sense. It's a visual representation of her mental state, but there's no good reason why we see it the way we do. I really liked the scene in the stairway, for instance, where Niki is out of the mirror and giving Jessica angst the way she used to give her angst. It's like Baltar and Six all over again! And I love that Matt can hear Niki because of course it's all in their head! Oh man, Matt and Jessica need to have more scenes together. This is gold. Holy shit, dude, I'll bet Niki's going to figure out that Matt can hear her and try to reach out to him. But Matt's a renegade with stolen diamonds! Linderman is going to eat his ass. Wait, I guess Linderman did get his money back. Sorta. Anyway! This was Matt's best episode in a long long while. Now he can stay.

So, remember when I said that Meredith sucks? It turns out she sucks A LOT OMG. The lie about the money! I mean, Christ, woman! Have a little shame, dear Lord. You make Nathan look like a good person. At least he came down to see his daughter rather than just wire the money. Oh, okay, I thought their scene where they obviously had some shared history was cute. But I'm still waiting for Nathan to find out that the cheerleader Peter came to save was his damn daughter. I feel really bad for Claire because her mom sucks worse than her dad. He would have met her! He would have, really! Dammit, why does the pyrokinetic have to suck? I wanted to like her, and it's like she has some good motherly qualities but you can't even trust those because she's a lying liar who lies.

Oh no! Return of the Mohinder voiceover! And holy crap, Claire's mom got wiped one too many times. Her brain has turned to MUSH. And Jessica's next target is Nathan! Linderman totally freed Jessica just so she could be his hitman. Except she's going to be hard to control after a while, and, what the hell, why does he want to kill Nathan now? WHO IS LINDERMAN? WHAT IS HIS MASTER PLAN? These questions, and more, will not be answered next week.

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