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Where Were All My Jaw-Dropping Moments?

So I realized today that I totally forgot my LJversary a few days ago on January 29. Two years ago, LiveJournal made little fanfare for a new talent on the scene. Did it know that I would revolutionize icon comments? Gaze upon them and despair!

aprilbegins: but I've never seen anyone make statements about the icon designer like that before
aprilbegins: perhaps you have
spectralbovine: Nope.
spectralbovine: That was my own invention.
aprilbegins: THAT'S INCREDIBLE

I am a special butterfly!

Prison Break

This show is so fucking depraved. I can't take much more of T-Bag's Domestic Nightmare. It's just too uncomfortable.

I also feel no need to watch Bellick practice his opening line in the car because no one fucking cares about Bellick. He is a plot device, not a beloved character.

The main plot about, you know, the main characters? That's still good stuff. Michael! Sara! Making out! Aw! Love! Those crazy kids. And I fucking love that Kim tried to voice-fake Kellerman into believing the President would take him back. Haaaaaa. And then his DAMMIT expression when Kellerman figured him out. I could definitely watch more of When Allies Become Adversaries.

Mahone talked Haywire into suicide. That's...that's just psychotic, man.


Pretty good episode unburdened by Matt Parkman's domestic woes or Mohinder's pontificating! Does that make each of them half a Lana?

So, it turns out that Claude fucking rocks. The dog-training metaphor was great, and he used the word "autonomic"! How cool is he? And then he THROWS PETER OFF THE FUCKING ROOF AHAHAHA. I mean, I totally saw it coming because that's exactly what I'd do, too, but it was still awesome. Especially because he had a completely valid and hilarious point that if Peter hadn't survived, he would have just stopped the biggest bomb ever. And then holy crap!! He's an "old friend"! Mr. Bennet knows him!

One thing: is his speech invisible too? I mean, does no one hear them blathering about through the sidewalks?

So Peter's ability just got three thousand times more interesting because, dude. He's like Sylar without the brain-eating! Except way more volatile. That is what schoolboy crushes get you, Peter! Claire drives him crazy and makes him go nuclear! She's like his anti-Katara! That was a very freaky scene, there, and Claude awesomed again by punching him in the face. I love how it's like Claude's just been beaten down by the world and people that he just doesn't give a fuck anymore. He's the Invisible Man! No one sees him!

Simone sucks again. That's refreshing. And Isaac sucks too! He's working with Mr. Bennet! To catch Peter! So he won't blow up New York! Okay, so that's sort of a good goal. I CAN'T TELL GOOD FROM EVIL ANYMORE. THE LINE HAS BEEN CROSSED MANY TIMES ALREADY, PROMO GUY. SHUT UP. But, seriously, Isaac has no character at all. It's pretty annoying when you stop to think about it. He's the ex-druggie who paints the future and loves Simone for some ungodly reason. But he has no personality beyond that. Is the actor even trying? Or does he recognize how underwritten his character is and just gives up?

I can't believe Claire is keeping up that fake manatee report. Ha! She rocks so hard, and I love watching her immediately turn off her facade as soon as her mom leaves. The meeting with her real mom was nice, and they really do look like mother and daughter. Loved the "Some family" moment. FIRE!

You know, Hiro's great and all, and George Takei is George Takei, but what was the fucking point of that shit? I feel like we just wasted two episodes of Hiro. That went absolutely nowhere, and even if his dad and sister come back and show that they have powers too, I'll still feel that this storyline was somewhat of a waste of time. I mean, I did love the way Hiro got his dad to make his sister EVP instead, but there was zero advancement of anything, and that's annoying.

Sylar! Holy shit, Sylar is insane. I mean...I guess we already knew this, but we never really saw it until he pulled a full-on T-Bag on Claire's mom. And I thought he was being stupidly stupid in the way villains are when he started being really obvious about Claire's "talents," but, thankfully, he was already at a point where he was ready to strike and was deliberately not maintaining the guise any longer. At which point he became really fucking creepy. And, er, is it bad that I didn't really care whether Claire's mom died? Well, I don't care about her and her Leonard Shelbyed self, but I care how it would affect Claire.

But don't tell me you didn't crack the hell up when they hilariously teased us with Mr. Bennet's first name before having Mr. Muggles foil that revelation! They're really attached to that Horn-Rimmed Glasses moniker, aren't they? First names are for squares!

Linderman is one freakyass mofo who wants Jessica roaming the streets. And Jessica seems to have taken over! And trapped Niki in the metaphorical mirror! Rampage time! JESSICA SMASH!

Finally, at the end, the scene we've all been waiting for, and...AAAAH OMG IT'S NATHAN JUST LIKE HALF OF EVERYONE GUESSED!! Peter is Claire's way cool uncle that she can't make out with now! Except in fanfic. Some family!

I give the promo for next week HALF A FLAIL.

Studio 60

As soon as Heroes ended, I excitedly got up from the couch, and then I remembered with annoyance that I had Studio 60 to watch afterward. And that's when I realized that I just had to let it go. I left it on as I went to the computer. Coyotes or something? I DON'T CARE! Matt and Harriet? I DON'T CARE! Danny and Jordan? I DON'T CARE! It's not that it's an awful show; it's just that there's so little I really like about it, and it's just getting repetitive and irritating at this point. I keep wondering why I'm still watching it, and I have enough emotional stress in my life right now! And this isn't Gilmore Girls or Smallville where I have years of attachment, so I will stick it out. I have no attachment to S60! I just keep wondering why it's not as awesome as Sports Night! And I read something from Sorkin that said he's going to be pushing the show in a more romantic comedy direction, and did you read the part where I DON'T CARE?

Goodbye, Studio 60. You should have been much better. Maybe when you are inevitably cancelled, I will catch up on the episodes I missed, just for closure.

I leave you all with this.
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