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In Case of Emergency, Break Glass, or Blackmail

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Tonight, I learned that whores are icky.

I thought that the MOTW was very twisty and kept me on my toes, and I thought Wendy was pretty, and Wendy and Max were very sweet together, but the whole thing felt a little ludicrous, especially because how does this guy have ten thousand dollars? Is his cheating ring that profitable? Or is he just rich as hell? Because I don't think that was established. I liked the guy, I liked that they brought him back, I liked how nice and idealistic he was, but I wasn't ever sure I really got him. I, too, would be charmed by a girl who told me that Cylon Raiders looked like the flying Batmobile. (Which: Diane really loves BSG, huh?) Still, the actors sold the storyline, so good on them.

But isn't this the same tired thing we've seen a thousand times before? It doesn't matter that the hooker has a heart of gold; she's still a hooker, and you can't get past that. (At least Sports Night varied it up by using a porn star.) And what in the hell was the point of Weevil's scene about the red dragon tattoo? So, what, it actually makes it worse that she's a stripper in addition to being a hooker? I don't understand. And Max is out ten grand.

And they blackmailed a judge? I mean, I went along with Veronica for the ride, but I really didn't get how extorting a thousand bucks from the judge solved the Wendy problem. I mean, it got Max his money back, but it also blackmailed a judge. Who could still easily trace the call to MAX and then to her. Maybe I missed the reasoning. But it was amusing to see a female pimp agent who looked surprisingly like Mindy O'Dell. (And Mr. Happy asked Veronica about the voltage! Hee.)

One thing that struck me was that Veronica was really nice and empathetic this episode. Hell, she was apologizing half the time. I liked her like that.

I did not like her, however, making pelvic thrusts at her dad. You just...I don't care how close they are, that's just inappropriate! Kristen and Enrico were weirdly over-the-top in their scenes; it was like the episode stopped for them to have at it and then picked back up again. Although "Amuse me, dammit! Amuse me now!" was funny.

Keith Mars invetigates! I loved his smackdown of Lamb and the fact that it took Lamb a second to realize he'd been smacked down. And his reaction upon seeing Keith in the car was amusing too, but, er, wouldn't he also be able to arrest him? For impersonating an officer? As he has done once before? Nish had a very valid point, and that is why I like Nish. I like her calm and collected confidence. I do love that the egging came back as a plot point, but I find it weird that it only makes the Lampoon SIX WEEKS LATER. Okay, maybe it only comes out once a month. But the O'Dell murder mystery thickens! So it's likely that the "What are you doing here?" scene is probably Mindy, but maybe the actual murderer stopped by afterward.

Weevil's face seems to have cleared up. But he should be beating up more people. Poor little janitor.

So I know I said I was so over Logan and Veronica last week, but they suddenly got better again. The scene with them on the bed was great. Loved seeing them just laying it all out there in the open, attempting to break down those trust issues they know cause such problems for—

We interrupt this post to muck about in the previous mystery, which was incredibly well constructed and did not require that much suspension of disbelief: Breaking News! Mercer Hayes is The Flash! Able to speed from Mexico to Neptune, commit a rape, and speed back within ONE NIGHT!

—actually was okay with it, so thanks, promo, for being a whore like Wendy. But what the hell happened to Madison? I didn't even recognize her. I swear, she looks like a totally different person every season. And her initial scene made no sense at all, which was just confusing. "Knock, knock. Hey! I'd better be going since I'm too cool to be here." But the thing is that Logan sleeping with Madison Sinclair is totally something Veronica couldn't get past, just like Max couldn't get past Wendy's checkered past. Which I guess is what this episode is about: lying is bad! Don't do it! It ruins relationships!

This episode could have used about twenty-five percent more monkey.
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