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Oh, the Huge Manatee!

Yesterday, I bought my first pair of running shoes.

Prison Break

Okay, talk about déjà vú! Sorry, Prison Break, but Supernatural already one-upped you four days ago by not only starting with a realistic "Breaking News" segment, but actually having it interrupt the previouslies. So, basically, it wins at everything, and you are the runner-up. Props for being able to use the FOX logo for added veracity.

I must say, right as I was wondering where the story could go, they go and be awesome again. This show has so many twists and turns I can't even remember them all. The Message took balls, and it was so great to see the collective OH MY FUCK. Can't stop the signal! If FOX had half a brain, they'd release parts of the message as viral videos.

I loved the fake tells, as coached by Kellerman. I loved watching Mahone initially get duped and then suddenly be the insightful freak he's supposed to be, Michael's worthy adversary. I loved that the show cleverly tricked them and us but played fair because they believed what they did for a very good reason. Sometimes, this show is annoying about that stuff (like every time they play the "Doesn't look like they're both going the same place but OMG HA AREN'T YOU GLAD WE NEVER USED A WIDE SHOT??" card, but I'm not sure they've done a trick this cool since the assassination. And holy shit, Michael Scofield must be the smartest, most coordinated man alive. How do you tap out Morse code while you're delivering a rehearsed speech? To your twu wuv! Pretty doctor! Michael Crane!! I love all the fucking codes and riddles on this show. And oh shit, Michael doesn't know what Kellerman did to Sara, did he? Does he? Because when he finds out...


It's sort of annoying that on the same day I was talking up the show as made of awesome, it delivers a less than stellar episode. Matt and his wife were boring as usual, Micah was cute being the Great Machine, and Niki didn't even become Jessica once. It was nice to see Mohinder make up for past transgressions, as he said, but I wondered how the hell he was planning on "studying" Peter.

Even Hiro and Ando were kind of boring this week because the whole episode was them hiding from some guys, and pretty much everyone already knew that George Takei was guest-starring as his dad, so the whole time, it's like, "Get to the punchline, guys!" Although "This is how we roll" and "GULP" were sweet.

Peter and Claude were intriguing. I do wonder what Claude's deal is, what he meant by "That's what they all say." Especially since there are only, what, a mere 36 people on The List? Has he met others? Why does Peter think he can teach him anything? Is it the beard?

(Raise your hand if it was awesome that, like, the second thing Claude said in this episode was "Fantastic!")

(Also of note: ocvictor dubs him "Doctor Where?")

Surprise, surprise, the best thing about this episode was Claire. I love her re-bonding with Zach and the fake manatee project because, well, MANATEES! (Also known as the "sea cow.") I was a bit confuzzled by Mr. Bennet's statement that Claire and Zach had been friends before...isn't she not supposed to know that? For...a reason? Why would he be encouraging them?

I was waiting for most of the episode for Jessalyn Gilsig to show up once I saw her name in the credits because I liked her (translation: thought she was pretty) in Boston Public, and as time went by, I deduced by process of elimination that she had to be Claire's mother. And sure, enough, that's the bottom of her mouth. I'm not sure what happened to her face; it seemed excessively tanned or something. But but but when she flamed her fingers!! That was way cool!! And I didn't realize it immediately, but, duh, she started the fire (no, Ryan started the fire). Mr. Bennet did say that sometimes there are complications when he goes to recruit people. He must have set her off or something. The question remains, then, where was Claire's dad at the time?

Sylar! The end.

Studio 60

I'm not sure whether I find this show enjoyable but tiresome or tiresome but enjoyable.

I'm really, really glad Danny came to his senses. Except that just makes his very off-putting behavior in the last episode even more annoying. Why make a character completely unlikable in one episode if you're just going to gloss over it?

I'm really not sure what the hell is up with Simon and Darius and racism and Uncle Tom and WTF Sorkin. Stop interrupting your comedy show to teach us about racial self-hatred. I am, after all, the authority on racial self-hatred, having once sung "American Pie" in a thick Indian accent.

I don't understand why this fangirl wants to get into Tom Jeter's pants. Tom Jeter is not hot. He is not suave. From what we've seen, he's not even that funny.

I like the show enough, I guess, but it just doesn't seem to be living up to its potential at all. I hope it doesn't get renewed so I can stop watching it.
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