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Goodbye, Cruel Worldzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It's Veronica! And Hearst! They're back!

So, look, I can't help loving this show. I guess I'm just not like other people. I can look past the fact that someone with as little value to humanity as Dick Casablancas continues to take up screentime as some sort of buddy comic relief character. I can look past the fact that Parker is the most well-adjusted rape victim ever and Chip doesn't seem to much care that he had an egg shoved up his ass. I can look past the fact that I am as tired of Logan and Veronica as I am of Lee and Kara. I can look past it at all and just see my show with these delightful characters in a rich, continually expanding fictional world with no shortage of mysteries to be solved by a girl for whom solving mysteries is more than a hobby, more than a job, it's a compulsion. She solves everything. She can't not.

(Raise your hand if you wanted Veronica to answer "What do you do for fun?" with an immediate "Nothing!" Oh, Zuko. You go and you juggle.)

It was a little weird to be dropped in six weeks later with everyone having ruled Dean O'Dell's murder a suicide, but of course, the audience has privileged information. There's also the fact that Mercer and Moe could be dead for all we know; I guess we're just supposed to imagine what Logan did to them and assume justice was served. While I dig the mini-arcs, I don't dig the strange feeling that we get a reset in the middle of the season, even though, sure, new viewers can jump in, except I'm not sure what a new viewer's reaction would be to "She's looking for a stolen MONKEY?"

It's sort of amusing that a couple days after I watch some PETA chick take off all her clothes to get me to stop eating meat (that link is not work-safe, by the way...strictly for home viewing, boys...and select girls), I get a VM storyline about PETA PHAT, who even make a naked joke. But I liked the idea of it because, as I have been saying over and over again, I think VM is doing an awesome job of utilizing the college environment. College is much more likely to have these activist types, and it rings truer than that fur girl back in S1. The cheesy themed dorm party? Also totally realistic. Plus, the RA is kinda hot. She can stay.

Is it bad that I didn't miss Wallace at all and didn't even realize he wasn't in the episode until someone pointed it out later? The girls were so great together that I completely forgot about him. And while Parker may have been the slightest bit irritating with her "You need a guy!" attitude, it was somehow endearing, since she had the best intentions. It all made for a pretty enjoyable episode overall, and Mac got some lovin'! Aww.

Now, as a scientist, I'm obviously on the side of science. Hell, there were posters all over our lab buildings that reminded us that animal research is necessary to study and cure diseases. Of course, I was never comfortable working with animals myself, as I didn't relish the idea of killing them. That being said, I still think Veronica's reaction was hopelessly naive: of course they're going to kill the monkey. And of course they'll just get a new monkey to kill. They're animal models. (Side note: even though Pauline had a point with her "curing cancer" argument, I thought she was being overly haughty given that their research was about lowering cholesterol.) I think the episode did a nice job of showing all the sides to people who didn't already know them for some reason, but the resolution to me seemed like it was saying, "Oh, poor animals killed in the name of science." I guess you can't go any other way when you've got a cute little monkey named Oscar. But this episode was political without being Sorkin, so that was nice.

Hey! It's very rare when television tackles a topic I can actually spout off about.

There was also great stuff on the Dean O'Dell mystery: that Scotch was a clue! And Veronica's "perfect crime" paper is being copied, just like everyone predicted it would be! MAYBE VERONICA KILLED DEAN O'DELL. IN A FUGUE STATE. And I loved the Keith/Landry showdown at the bar. Keith, you got pwned. I wonder whether his story was about Lianne, because...she really wasn't a looker. Or maybe he just made the whole story up. He's too obvious a suspect, but so is Tim Foyle, given the paper connection. And Mindy is hot, so she wouldn't kill anybody. That pretty much just leaves Ted Nugent Ed Argent. Come on, he even wore a sweatshirt with the word MURDER on it.

Logan, Logan, Logan. Getting blow jobs from random chicks on the beach? That's so not your style! Except it is, because self-destruction is your middle name.

Veronica, Veronica, Veronica. Have you never seen a romantic comedy in your entire life? Seriously? Piz wants you. And he won't be getting blow jobs from random chicks on the beach, mostly because he's not the son of a movie star, and he's also too spazzy to unzip his jeans. Just go out with him, okay? It will be something new. It will save us from all this Logan/Veronica on/off self-destruction/trust issues more-baggage-than-JFK-International shit.

Wait wait wait, I got it:

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