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The Haitian Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation

First of all, Supernatural fans are REQUIRED to watch this brilliant, hilarious fanvid (link courtesy of bellanut (NO THANKS TO zimshan!)): The Supernatural Menace.

Second of all, for Office fans, courtesy of hobviously, here is Rashida Jones being really pretty.

Monday night TV is back in business!!

Prison Break

It occurs to me that this is a show about bad people. Like, there is hardly a single character on this show who is not a Very Bad Person. It seems to portray a wanton lack of morality that's sort of unsettling to watch.



Welcome back, show!! AM I ON THE LIST?!

I was about to complain that they stopped doing the cool title thing, and then it hilariously zoomed along with the opening cell door. So, I totally don't even remember why Niki's in jail, but I guess she turned herself in. I'm one of the few Niki/Jessica fans out there, but her storyline was a little blah this episode, even though Ali Larter continues to be impressive as she goes full-scale Gollum. I don't understand why she's not getting kudos; it's amazing the way her entire face just changes subtly. You can tell just by looking that she's become Jessica.

So the Ubiquitous Symbol of Magical Significance (a.k.a. Magical Symbol of Swirly Doom) is a combination of the ancient Chinese characters for "Great talent" and "Godsend," huh? Very clever! It gels with the Haitian's assertion that these are gifts from God, which I really liked, actually, not because I'm religious but because I don't think religion and science have to be mutually exclusive if you don't want them to be. I wonder why Hiro's powers have been declining, though. That's odd. And he went to such trouble to get this crazy sword! And...pose in front of a dinosaur. I didn't get until reading posts afterward that that's what Isaac painted, and while I must say I'm disappointed that Hiro doesn't actually fight a fucking dinosaur (SIGH), I suppose this way makes much more sense. And the Linderman connection continues! Jesus Christ. Is he related to Alvar Hanso?

Okay, so, world? This is Claire.


Any questions?

I love her so much. The way she tried to reconnect with Zach, the way she recreated the way she got him to trust her initially, the way she remembered his initial reactions. "As far as you know, this was Attempt No. 1" made me tear up a little. I love how much she's fucking grown from when we first met her. I know I loved her initially because she was all, "OMG, having powers SUCKS!" But I love her even more now that she's come to terms with her powers, because watching a character reclaim his or her identity is about one of my favorite things to see ever. And now she's got extra intrigue in her life with her alliance with the Haitian; I can't wait to see what comes of that. Hayden Panetierre was fantastic tonight. Radiant, even.

Blah blah blah Matt and his wife. Though, honestly, how the hell did the FBI not find the INCREDIBLY SUSPICIOUS-LOOKING CODE-ACCESS METAL DOOR in the hallway? It's clearly not in some restricted area; fucking Claire was walking around right by it.

Simone and Isaac and Hiro and Ando and Nathan ALL IN THE SAME ROOM! Oh man, the hijinks! "Flying Man!!" (I totally forgot until now that Hiro and Nathan had actually met a while back, and he had seen him fly and all that. So much happens in this show!)

"Could you keep it down?"

This is me hearting Hiro. (Sorry, Hiro, but as Claire is a cute little blonde girl, I am lawfully required to heart her more than you.)

When did Simone stop sucking? That was sudden.

The long-awaited Christopher Eccleston! And he's invisible! What fun. Odd that Peter can see him, but perhaps not so odd given that Peter also remained unfrozen when Future Hiro came to contact him. Maybe his ability to absorb other people's powers (and he did become invisible as soon as Claude grabbed him) also makes him immune to them, which would have to mean, then, that Claude isn't actually invisible; he just affects other people's vision so that they don't see him. I have no blinkin' clue how he's supposed to help Peter, but it should be fun. Why the hell is he laughing in the apocalyptic vision? He freaks me out.

And Mohinder, despite his ponderous voiceover, doesn't suck in this episode either! So Eden's real name was Sarah Ellis,eh? I totally forgot that Mohinder's so out of the loop he doesn't even know Eden had powers. Interesting that her body ended up in frickin' ONTARIO. Those guys are thorough. Scary. And then he meets Mr. Bennet (I'm sorry, guys, I can't get behind his "official" name of Horn-Rimmed Glasses, or HRG). And they should definitely work together! Because...I don't know, it would make the plot move faster, I suppose. I want to see who's on the damn list! Mr. Bennet has RESOURCES, dammit. Even though he has highers-up he reports to, ones who don't want Sylar dead. It's kind of weird that they were able to isolate the telekinesis gene because that wasn't his original power, just the first one he stole. Or maybe they'd already studied a telekinetic before and they knew what they were looking for.

Regardless, the important thing here is that Mr. Bennet gives Mohinder a business card. For Primatech Paper Company. If you try to apply for a job, you need the access code. If you call the phone number, you can get the access code. And then you can apply for a job. And you can get e-mails and text messages from Primatech, and I have missed this crazy shit. Nothing will ever top The Beast, obviously, and this may turn out to be incredibly lame overall, but there is just this irrational coolness factor in getting texts from Primatech. Even though it costs me ten cents to send and receive text messages, this is fun.
You'll be hearing from me again soon. We have a lot to do together.

Studio 60

Look, I have a pretty high tolerance for grand romantic gestures. I was ready to maybe write off the way excessive phone calls as cute. I was ready to maybe write off the ridiculous faxed recommendations as amusing. But when the woman you're pursuing tells you no for about the seventeenth time, tells you that you are embarrassing her, and kindly asks you to stop, the answer is NOT "No." You better shape the fuck up, Danny Tripp, because I was really fucking liking you before you started creeping me out. I do hope that's the reaction we're supposed to have, because saying no shows a total lack of respect for Jordan. You say yes, Danny, and you wait. You wait for another opportunity, find another way, or something, but you stop harassing her for the time being before she never speaks to you again and files a restraining order.

Everything else was mostly good. I wish I had thousands of dollars to throw at charity to spite someone. The Darius/Simon storyline was weirdly jarring and made me think about the fact that I suppose this country will never, ever, ever live the slavery thing down. Or Sorkin doesn't think we should, or something. I know he's very much into his Issues, and at times, it threatens to overpower the story, but he's got good characters now, and they try not to let the Issues take over the show. I still love Jordan, and Jack continues to be pretty awesome, which is not something I would have guessed I would be saying after the first few episodes. I thought the 48 Rules for People Who Have Never Heard of Machiavelli tie-in to Jordan's story was pretty clever.

Jordan's appetite still hasn't stopped being funny.
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