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But I'd Rather Share My Space with Kara Thrace

I have just decided that when you fall out of love with a television show, you should declare that suddenly it's not your show, no mo'.

(Er, that hasn't happened with BSG, for the record. Yet.)

I liked this episode more than the last couple, which...isn't saying much, given how little I liked the last couple episodes. But it was still much better and felt more like old times, what with human/Cylon conflict and drama on the ship and drama down on the Planet of the Week(s), which is awesomely called Algae Planet (though I take issue with Tyrol's joke about Hot Fudge Planet because, really, hot fudge? They have hot fudge? Have we even seen that they've even discovered chocolate? It felt too "us.").

All hail the return of ChipSix!! They need to find some way for Baltar to get back on Galactica so she can whisper in his ear more often. I loved that he felt at home, and I loved that he was all, "I saved your life that one time! And then, just now, sorta, by telling them not to blow you up! I mean, I also allowed the occupation of New Caprica and didn't do a damn thing about it, and I was also pretty much responsible for the genocide of humanity to begin with, but I SAVED YOUR LIFE THAT ONE TIME AND JUST NOW SORTA."

So I should be bothered that it's patently obvious they pulled this Eye of Jupiter thing out of their asses this season. Because I can't even remember what the fuck ever came of the Arrow of Apollo now. Wait, that took them to the light show on Kobol, right? Ah, yes, that was good times. In any case, whatever, here's an artifact that was mentioned for the very first time last week. But I don't care when it gives us Cavill improvising by sweetening the pot with Baltar and calling humans a "pestilence" and reminding his Cylon brethren that they're MACHINES and thus time is not exactly of the essence, per se.

By the way, D'Anna: nice cleavage.

When Sharon met Boomer, I got confused and tried to remember the tracks of the two different characters/identities, and then I was still confused, so I gave up. Maybe I should watch "Downloaded" again. That was some good shit.

Sharon and Helo didn't go off on some bloody rampage upon discovering that Hera was alive. Hrm. That's no fun.

I forgot Anders was a civilian. Which is why I didn't understand exactly why Lee wouldn't like the idea because it seemed perfectly sensible. Why not Anders? I like him now.

But I want to slap Lee and Kara a lot because, whatever. I don't want to hear about your sacrament and fucking sacred vows when you're brazenly making out with and likely frakking your One True Love. You can't have your cake, etc. Anders and Dualla should have some sort of torrid affair to entertain themselves.

I love Centurions and their clanky walk.

I also love the cosmic joke of the humans and Cylons converging at the site of a potential supernova. I hope we get to see that bitch explode.

Finally, I don't know what the hell Adama is on, but there's no fucking way he's going to nuke the planet, so...meh? This is a frustratingly dumb cliffhanger. Last year's was much better. Yes, I'm interested in seeing what happens, but there will be no nuking of the planet, clearly. And Baltar is not going to be a Cylon, so they should stop pretending he might be.

But wasn't that like the worst promo EVER? What is with these people?
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