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The Fourth-and-a-Half of Many Pimpings

I haven't had the time to compose a new blog post, but there are many things what need pimping, so here is a post for that purpose.

First of all, you really must read our interview with Teddy Dunn. It's pretty fantastic. He has a very different view of Duncan from the rest of us. Plus, he talks about Kristen's pranks on the set, working with Kyle Secor, and HoYay. (Also, metabetasome people were under the impression that I was using some sort of communal "our" in relation to Mars Investigations. I'm not. I actually work on the website. My writing appears on it. As do about five thousand commas, dashes, colons, hyphens, and semicolons I'm responsible for.)

Staying on the Veronica Mars theme, I'd like to give my enthusiastic pimpproval to rat_slaves, the meta analysis community for VM and other Rob Thomas works, in the vein of mutant_allies. This is for all you people who feel the need to read and write essays comparing VM to Othello, The Brothers Karamazov, and Dude, Where's My Car? It's also a good way to keep track of whatever ohimesamamama writes, because she's quite frankly the most brilliant writer about all things VM there is. Granted, I haven't seen a lot else, but I'm fairly certain she has few rivals. The only person I can think of who comes close is depudor on TWoP, but she can be a bitch sometimes, whereas Mars is a marshmallow.

I may have had other things I needed to pimp, but since I can't remember, I will move on to the non-VM pimp. Yes, it happens.

Count Your Sheep. One of my very favorite webcomics, and it would be even if I weren't old online buddies with adis_sheep, its creator. I read Sluggy Freelance, Sinfest, and Penny Arcade, so I know a good webcomic when I see one. And speaking of PA, CYS was nominated for many of the same awards it was in one of the recent webcomics awards.

It started out simple, in June of 2003:


Very soon, it was already laugh-out-loud funny:


It even tackled more adult topics, unseen in comics about a little girl and her imaginary sheep friend:


Yet, it still had pathos:


Sometimes, it brought a tear to my eye:


But at its heart, it was still a ridiculously cute comic about a little girl being raised by a single mother:


Far more clever than any comic written by someone whose first language isn't English has any right to be:


adis_sheep is going to be famous one day, folks. I'm just trying to help you get in on the ground floor. Join countyoursheep. Read Count Your Sheep. It will brighten your day like whoa.

And now, I leave you with the most popular CYS strip of all time.

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