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Lookee Here, My Favorite Drink Tosser!


That rocked. They finally put together a mystery properly. It makes me happy. But one step at a time.

I loved that they finally did another in medias res opening. Yes, other shows have done it to death, but VM almost never breaks out of its narrative formula, and it makes me sad. So it was great to see something different. And then something familiar. Like MY SHOES. I SWEAR THOSE WERE TOTALLY MY SHOES. AND I THOUGHT THEY WEREN'T RAPIST SHOES.

Shortest teaser ever?

As many people predicted and desired, Logan broke up with Veronica this time around, and it was pretty much perfectly appropriate.

Keith investigates potential infidelity! Oh, joy. HAS HE NO HONOR? Also, Mindy O'Dell is still stupid hot.

I wonder if we'll see Random Plot Device Alum ever again. Okay, there was a lot of stuff in the episode, and I basically liked all of it and disliked none of it, for the most part, so let me just get to the really good stuff.

Like: MAC!! Oh, she's so adorable! I missed her. How great were she and Wallace being all supportive post-breakup? And...I like Piz, but Logan already used the "word" joke a long time ago, and he did it better. And with a longer A word, no less.

What made me really happy about this episode is that the main plot involved Veronica and her friends actively trying to stop someone from getting raped. That is just awesome. Wallace made his typical jokes about it, but he still gave up his good time at a party to help someone he doesn't even know. IT WARMS MY COCKLES. (And may I also say that Veronica wasn't bitchy at all to anyone in this episode? I've had my opinions colored by the fandom so I've become attuned to these things in order to stave off the inevitable complaints. (Okay, maybe Dick and Chip, but they deserved it. ("If it turns red, he's trying to rape you. If it doesn't, he still might be trying to rape you." Haaa.)))

I believe my favorite moment of the episode was the return of the guy from "Rapes of Graff": "Lookee here, my favorite drink tosser! I'm so glad you came to Hearst." I burst out laughing because I totally recognized him after he said it. Oh, I love this show.

The other thing that made me laugh was Mac's shirt. And Mac's totally awesome GHB check. And then Wallace and Piz's double-team dance-distraction GHB check. I loved it all!

So, as we're in the homestretch, let's get into gear. Since we saw the shoes in the teaser, I was looking at everyone's shoes. They looked like Moe's shoes, to me, especially because Moe was pretty much everyone's top suspect. And then Moe was all, "Yeah, I'm totally coming to the party and driving carts!" And then Moe was all, "She's always like that," with a sort of disdain...although, really, anyone would talk that way about Fern. And then Foyle came in to be a weird red herring, but he was wearing the wrong shoes.

Meanwhile, Dean O'Dell is totally going to shoot Mindy, Landry, or both. And it now occurs to me that we don't actually know whether he did or did not do any of those! But he most likely did not as we need them as suspects.

Shit, we've got a potential victim, and Logan is going to save the day! And I loved how that scene played out, how Veronica and Logan didn't have a huge fight but both realized that, for fuck's sake, sometimes your issues need to be set aside when you're trying to stop a crime from happening.

Shit, the actual victim was using a fake I.D., which should have been telegraphed by the fact that Veronica made everyone fake I.D.'s!

Shit, Club Flush is taped, and...seriously awesome. I know that this is probably the biggest hole because no one checked whether the show was aired live on the nights of the rapes, but I can easily let it slide because I'm not sure whether they'd even have records of that. It would depend on whether they regularly archived the show, I guess. But that's not the point. WAVE YOUR HAND, PEOPLE.

The point is that this is seriously awesome. The Club Flush clue was awesome to begin with because we heard it in the very first episode. But now it also makes sense that Mercer didn't immediately use it as his alibi to the police because he didn't want them digging too much into it. ALSO, he wanted to stay in jail to have suspicion thrown off him. But didn't I say from the second episode:
I do wonder if Rob will change his formula since we've gotten wise to it. It would be a nice twist now if the villain wasn't someone Veronica never suspected, ever. If she questions the rapist and writes him off, only to discover later that she had been right.
THANK YOU, ROB. (And that statement was written in response to MOE, who...THANK YOU, ROB.)

I'm not entirely sure how Veronica managed to beat Mercer to the girl's room, but it's pretty great that Mercer got to give his mwahaha speech to her without even intending to. And I love that since Mercer was always pretty sketchy, it's not like this comes totally out of left field. Parker recognized his perfume, for Christ's sake! But why are all of Logan's friends rapists? Seriously. Anyway, I was hoping for a little bit more in the way of motivation from Mercer, but I think dressing up as Alex from A Clockwork Orange is sign enough of...psychopathness. It seems like the hair thing is for his victims to remember him by (and vice versa). And while the text of his speech seems to equate to "I'm too lazy to try for sex, so I'll just take it," the subtext and tone speak to the misogyny that is the true motivation. I'm sure Rob's heard that rape isn't about the sex.

And then Veronica tasers him and STABS HIM WITH A UNICORN HORN HA HA HA HA. Finally, all the unicorn references have a POINT...ba dum bum.

Veronica runs to Fatboy Slim's "Right Here, Right Now," which works wonderfully for the scene because I agree with Mercer that techno is underappreciated.

And it turns out those were NOT, in fact, rapist shoes! It's only Moe! Whew. Sweet, innocent, geeky Moe.

And Veronica drinks the tea. And then she sees a photograph, and it is fabulously awesome. There are Moe and Mercer, in their prison garb. Thank God the previouslies didn't point a huge bunch of arrows to Moe's line about how the prison experiment changes you. Suddenly, the totally awkward dialogue about Horshack and Rafe retaining their prison experiment roles doesn't seem so useless. And...there were SO MANY CLUES, YOU GUYS. Moe drove Parker home, Moe has the keys to everyone's rooms, Moe likes Battlestar Galactica, etc. They planned this fucker from start to finish. The clues were expertly scattered throughout the nine episodes. (And I was right about Nancy faking her rape, which is why Mercer's Mexican alibi was crap. Apparently, she pointed Veronica to the ATM photo that exposed Claire, but maybe she didn't think her tip would go anywhere.)



Loved the GHB effects much better in this episode. And then Moe and Mercer are working together, and MOE KEPT THE HAIR EW, and Moe is calling Mercer "Sir!" and RAPE WHISTLE FOR THE WIN. Parker!! Parker saves the day!! And someone asks her if she's okay! People don't always suck!! Except for Lamb, who apparently SLEEPS THROUGH THE WHOLE THING.

And...PARKER SAVED VERONICA, YOU GUYS. She wasn't saved by one of her men this time! Keith came later, but that's not the point. The point is that Parker has come a long way in her rollercoaster of "How I feel about Veronica."

And Logan gets himself thrown in jail with Mercer and Moe. Oh man, what the hell is he going to do to them? (THAT's our obligatory psychotic jackass!)

As cheesy as it is, I have to love the classic "What are you doing here?" scene with the dean. I swear that's been used in, like, every mystery show/book/movie ever, and we finally got it!

So I have a sneaking suspicion as to what the next mystery is going to be. (And I really liked the dean, dammit!) sincerelysummer would like it known, for the record, that she think it's Tim Foyle, in order to keep his idol, Professor Landry, from being fired. I personally hope that Veronica scours those "perfect murder" papers.

Exclamation! I love this show.
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