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And You Think I'm Repungent?

Would any of you describe me as a big, swarthy dude with a cheesy goatee?

I'm sad to say I was pretty meh on this episode.

If someone would explain the A plot to me, that would be nice. Because I couldn't follow it. There was something about ten years and divorce settlements and dogs and stocks and I have no bloomin' idea, but I think it all ended up having nothing at all to do with the Board of Trustees vote, so...whatever. And Patty Hearst, though an amusing bit of stunt-casting, is a terrible actress. I am surprised she managed to make it out of the paper bag. In every scene she was in, I could not care because of her bland line readings and lack of personality.

Thankfully, we got Keri Lynn Pratt in a bikini out of the deal. Everyone may hate her voice, but she's pretty. But I could not for the life of me understand why Veronica was being so mean to her. Hallie had been really nice to her. And before we get into the whole "Veronica's ALWAYS a HORRENDOUS BITCH to EVERYONE and GOD I HATE HER," please read this, courtesy of amberlynne. She was doing pretty good this episode, actually. She was just playfully accusatory to Fern to see how she would react (and I loved her cute little "ba dum, pum" when her pun flopped). I couldn't figure out why Hallie deserved that treatment, though. Of course, I also couldn't figure out what she was being accused of (besides walking dogs), since, like I said...A plot confusing.

But there was lots of good stuff too! Keith and Veronica haven't worked together in ages, so that was fun. I loved Veronica's Bionic Woman impression, although it wasn't as good as Bill Haverchuck's, because nothing is. ("Wait, let me switch over to my bionic ear.") I may have cheered when we first saw Wallace, and I loved that he went to help that girl. Loved the Smithers/Burns reference. I laughed at the "expert witness." And when Selma was all, "Have you ever been a walking joke, on a national scale?" I exclaimed, "Yes!" and Keith was all, "Actually..." HEE. Oh, callbacks to the pilot. You always win.

Looking back, I think the A plot was probably well written, but it could have been less boring.

"It's not like this is all some new facet of my personality. You know who I am. You know what I do."
"And it isn't going to change. And if you can't accept that, then this isn't going to work."
"You know who I am. And you're constantly expecting me to change. And even now you're saying 'Crap, he has a point,' you still think you're ultimately right."

Point. Set. Match. Logan. And this once again shows that the writers are very aware of Veronica's characterization as of late.

I'm not sure what I think of Veronica's reaction to the bodyguard because my initial reaction was "Aw, that's sweet." Of course, Veronica does have a point that, er, having someone follow her around at a time when she's paranoid about someone following her around...may not be the best idea. But he was only doing it in her best interest, much like the time he pulled a gun on the Fitzpatricks. Veronica isn't much with the gratitude, is she?

So then there's the whole Patrice Pitrelli thing, and is that a Heroes shout-out even though they spelled the name wrong? I mean, is Pitrelli that common a name? I feel like there had to be some influence there. I mean, there's even a Peter/Patrice thing going on, and Peter walked off a building too. Anyway, very interesting that they brought back that whole secret room thing, and now we know why Nish was so insistent on its existence. Hm. I actually sort of like Nish now. She's got a nice vaguely menacing air about her.

But we also finally discovered the reason for their vendetta against the frats, why they would be willing to fake a rape for the sake of...justice or whatever. It also seems like Nancy probably faked her rape, although Dawn, Stacy, and Parker had to have been real because they couldn't have been in on it. The lack of DNA evidence is still puzzling. Maybe the rapist is Sylar.

And then Veronica tells them they're full of crap, which, good. I don't get why everyone is assuming that just because there's this group of vengeful feminists doing dirty deeds, that Rob is making a statement about all feminists ever ever in the world. I don't understand why it's bad for fictional characters to do something especially when it's clear the show doesn't condone it in the least. This is noir. This is about good people doing bad things for good causes. Or what they think are good causes. I think it's nice and twisted. If they weren't calling themselves "feminists," would that make it better? Yes, it would be better if they hadn't been so one-note and unsympathetic all season, but I rather liked the scene with Veronica in the inner sanctum. They seemed like real people, then.

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