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I'm Just Like You, So Leave Me Alone

Good news: Veronica Mars got a full season!

Bad news: The full season is only 20 episodes!

Er. Modified rapture!

So, look, I've been wanting to do that fandom meme where you write about your fandoms as if they were lovers or friends or whatever, and, well, I'm just not good enough. I'm not creative enough to match what I've been seeing. And I probably haven't interacted with texts in interesting enough ways, and I don't get obscenely bitter because I generally just like everything or tolerate it, so they wouldn't be much fun anyway, right?

So instead, I'm doing limericks. Guess away.

1. You were full of conspir'cy and mystery.
You and I've got so much history.
But you lost all reason
And I skipped your last season,
Though the finale left me blistery.

2. I thought you were only for kids.
But my friends would not shut their damn lids.
I've bent to their will,
And you're bending me still,
For I'm seeking out awful fanvids.

3. The newspaper told me to watch.
In my bedpost, you'd be the first notch.
You changed my TV
With cheeses skeevy:
I love you from head to my crotch.

4. I always watched you with friends,
So alone, quirk and charm depends
On the family dynamics
(Gen'rat'nal pan'ramics).
I'll stay with you till it ends.

5. You filled the hole in my heart,
But all I received was a start.
The total thirteen
Showed what could have been.
My teddy bear doesn't quote Sartre.

6. You remind me of my very first dates:
Ice and fire and some sewer grates.
I watched for a blonde
But stayed for a bond
Between blood-related best mates.

7. Dark and epic and broody,
You were nothing but moody.
Atonement for sins
Means nobody wins,
But you fight because that is your duty.

8. I've loved you in good times and bad
Because I do think you are rad.
You've changed my life
And given me strife,
But for you I will always be glad.

9. I thought you were okay at first,
But my love came at a time cursed.
Before I could say, "Hey!"
You were snatched away.
I hope those folks suffer the worst.

10. Everyone lauded your quality
Despite your lack of frivolity.
I admit you're amazing
With morals ablazing,
But could we have some ethical jollity?
Tags: limericks, meme, personal, pimpings, reader participation, tv, veronica mars
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