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Consider My Mind Blown...and Then Put Back Together and Blown Again

Comment for charity! Seriously, just go and leave a comment. Easiest ten pence you ever made someone give. Thanks to ashfae for the link.

Good episode this week, though not as good as last week's. Largely because Meryl, though cute, was deeply stupid. Annoyingly so. A space laser? Really? (Although I did just send off for confirmation of schnappycat's valid assertion that it's a Real Genius reference.)

Oddly, I find that episodes without three thousand punchlines seem to end up being better episodes overall. I do love the witty dialogue, but VM is a drama, not a comedy. And it delivered on the drama this week.

So we've got thematics again, and funnily enough, I felt like this week, it was way more heavy-handed. Here are all the men who've let Veronica down! See how they suck! In this crazy, upside-down world, Veronica needs male role models to keep her from becoming jaded! And, well...I guess I can't blame her, really. I like that we're seeing the motivations behind Veronica's behavior, the way she does shape her world based on the actions of other people. "Sooner or later, the people you love let you down." This goes all the way back to season one.

Veronica should walk around in boxers and a T-shirt EVERY EPISODE. I'm just saying. Also, I am very surprised that Piz didn't make any sort of move on her at all, but...good for him, then?

Oh, Keith and Harmony. Oh...Harmony. Harmony. Leave your husband first. Or whatever. Then invite Keith to Palm Springs. This way is just mean. And, look, they addressed everything! The kid! Jake and Lianne! The history of investigating cheating spouses! So...there you go! Keith and Veronica knows what's what.


Since we're on the subject of Vinnie, nice job at the River Stix! Although, sadly, I was disappointed in Liam. I sort of cheered when I saw Rod Rowland's name in the credits because I love Liam, but he wasn't really that creepy and I couldn't make out what the hell he was saying.

So, clearing Mercer. Let me just say that the Club Flush thing? Is fucking awesome. Because you could hear Club Flush when Parker was being raped, although Veronica apparently doesn't remember that little detail. And then props to beppergirl for catching that Piz indirectly told us Club Flush was Mercer's show last week. So to find out that yes, Virginia, it was all deliberate was pretty sweet. That is how you fucking drop clues, man.

Now, Mercer's alibi was pretty unexpected. I mean, of course they were in Mexico, but, er, I guess they never explained why Logan knew Mercer before he came to Hearst. But a couple of flaming donkey punches led to a flaming motel? Damn. And, honestly, I think Logan is exactly right: 9 out of 10 men (or women, for that matter) would have just run. But, see, Logan, Veronica's dad WALKED THROUGH FIRE to save her. So. Er. She has high standards.

Landry! Is...still a good guy who honestly sees potential in Veronica and wants her to succeed?

Random prop comment: they're reusing band posters. Jet, The Vandals, The Rakes...we've seen them already! In other people's rooms!

It makes sense that Veronica, Professional Conclusion Jumper, lives by Occam's Razor.

Also, Chip Diller and Dean O'Dell just went to the top of the rapist suspect list, right? And it can't be Chip because he's too easy and was already under suspicion last year. Which means...damn, Dean.

Finally, at the end...hey, this looks familiar! OH. THANK YOU, PROMO MONKEYS. The drugged effects were pretty freaky. And even VMVO was sort of out of it (and, hells yeah, "I can't believe this is happening to me again"). One wonders, though, what she was doing getting to her CAR, as if she was in any condition to drive. But she was still smart enough to set off the car alarm, which, ROCK.

The latex gloves are freaky. Okay, that whole entire scene was megafreaky. And then the hair. And, like, he didn't even cut off a big chunk. And he cut off the bottom layer. He lifted up Veronica's hair and cut close to the scalp. The brilliantly fucked-up thing? You can't tell. No one can tell. It's not noticeable to anyone but her. It's a message for her.

...or he was starting to shave her head and only got that far. *headTARDIS*

The hand in the glove was white, so it's not Nish.

As anvilicious as the final VMVO is, I still rather love it. "But the people who really deserve [faith] are the ones who are there for you even when you don't love them enough."

Group hug?
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