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Save the Cheeseburger, Save the World!


Okay, Torchwood. So...I actually sort of liked this episode. The evil fairies were kind of cool, even though half the episode was Jack expositioning about whatever the hell Russell T. Davies has decided fairies are. And I don't understand Jack at all. He was alive in 1904 too? When was he actually born? Has he been hopping around time, or has he never aged, or what?

I still don't really care about any of the characters except for Gwen's cleavage, though. So I think I'm just going to shelve the damn show for now until I don't have so much on my plate. Someone let me know if it gets really good.

Uh-oh. P-C's not going to like the ending of PB tonight.

I really liked this episode, as it really made Michael face what he's done, and who he's become, and, really, putting all those flashbacks in one place made me seriously question whether I still thought Michael was a good guy. He knocked down an old man, guys!

I haven't mentioned that I quite like Evil Asian Guy (Bill Kim, I think his name is?). There's something about people who are calm and collected that's so unnerving.

And now: what's up the their dad? WHO IS HE? WHO IS HE WORKING FOR?!

I don't think Heroes knows how to suck. That wasn't action-packed, but it was packed...with information, pal.

Eden has powers! Geez, who won't have powers by the end of this? And Claire's dad picked her up when she was a lowly street urchin or something and nurtured her undefined powers into what they are today. But...what are her powers...of persuasion? She seems to be Pusher, but why didn't it work on Mohinder? She tells Claire's dad that he said she'd never have to "do that" again, which...what? Use her powers? Or, specifically, make someone shoot up heroin? Which, that whole thing was just weird because I never really paid much attention to Isaac and so didn't buy his whole "Oh, I'm clean now, I'm trying to change! Don't make me do it again!" stuff.

So, finally, confirmation that THE FACE OF EVIL...is not evil, so much. In fact, he seems to be even more on the good side than I'd even expected. Sure, a little gray with the ends-justifying-means business, but, hey, I already talked about Prison Break. It's clear they're taking the Heroes to make them better. But why, exactly, remains unclear. And it's been going on for a long time, as it seems at least one of Claire's real parents had powers or they'd somehow already identified Claire as a super. I wonder whether Mr. Bennett knew Claire was going to be special when he took her in. And, aw, he's such a DAD! And Claire is such a DAUGHTER! It's so CUTE! He just wants to SAVE HER FROM HAVING HER HEAD SPLIT OPEN. Does Eden not know that Claire's a cheerleader? You'd think she would have understood Hiro's message as Mr. Bennett did. (Also, I think this is the first episode where Claire hasn't been injured. Finally!)

I really liked the cute waitress, and I liked how they didn't throw it in our faces that she had a power. We could just sort of...tell, you know? It was nicely done. Although she said it had only started happening recently, which, again, calls up the question of WHY everyone's developing their powers now when we now know the Organization Without Initials (OWI) has been tracking down Powers for years. And when we saw the guy with telepathy, I first thought Sylar but then thought, nah, maybe it's just another guy with telekinesis. But, damn, Charlie's death was, again, nicely done. You see the blood pouring down, and you know what's happened. I actually said, "Noooooooo!!" to the television. Fucking Sylar! I wonder why he didn't try to kill Hiro. Who remains TOTALLY AWESOME, by the way. God. And...who knows what the hell has happened to him now. He's ended up in a random picture with Charlie, but the present doesn't appear to have changed.

And, look at that! Mohinder with a new plotline! A love interest, even! And a mother who can't act! And...freakyass dreams? At first, I thought that meant Mohinder had powers too, but it seems to be this freaky little Indian kid who I thought was Mohinder as a kid. People have posited that he's Sylar, which...he would make a good Patient Zero, sure, but what is he doing invading Mohinder's dreams and showing him stuff about his father? And why was his father killed? Why was this kid's file locked up? Answers leading to new questions!

I love this show, and next week looks like it will KICK EVERYTHING'S ASS OMG. DON'T HEAR ABOUT IT IN THE MORNING.

After Heroes, everything just sucks, doesn't it? I wasn't expecting much from Studio 60 after that, but I rather enjoyed the episode. Yes, the POLITICAL ISSUES OMG can be really taxing, especially since they're so goddamn in-your-face (yes, I understand that the argument about gay marriage is dumb, but your constant tirades are getting in the way of the funny stuff like pretty much anything Danny says or does), but I continue to like the characters more and laugh and such. I even like Jack now, after his pretty awesome tirade about OMG HONOR. And all of Jordan's comments about being dry and no one getting it are going to bite Amanda Peet on the ass (I still love you, even if no one else does!). Oh, and I liked seeing some of the supporting characters get a little more development.

I don't know, I'd like the show more if everyone stopped being so damn righteous about everything. Just make your damn television show, people. I think this is also another case of telling vs. showing...I'd like to see Matt demonstrate how wonderfully tolerant he is of gay people rather than stand up on his high horse and try not to lose his balance. Or, maybe, just maybe, Sorkin could stop pulling drama out of political issues and maybe make it about the characters? It works, really! I've seen it.
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