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Is the Rest of the World Crazy or Just Stupid?

I actually liked Gilmore Girls tonight! I don't know what it was. Maybe because I was actually giving it my attention or something. But Lorelai was very entertaining, and I loved the a cappella references, and there was Sheila the attractive redhead, and Chris was all friendly and asking questions about dark matter energy (gymble's husband shout-out!), and Luke went on a stupid date, and Lulu was really cute, and April and Lane played board games, and...it was a good time, man. It was a good time.

Veronica Mars kinda rocked! Can we fucking fire the promo monkeys who designed a promo that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EPISODE?? I think we can call that the worst promo in the CW's short history. It got nobody excited about the show. Thankfully, this episode has got me excited about the show again. Twists! Turns! Surprises!

I'm going to keep saying it again and again: I love how this show is using the college setting. Look, the characters are actually taking classes! They go bowling! Professors take student out to lunch! Piz has a radio show! Hearst is coming into its own as an environment. It's no Neptune High, to be sure, but it's feeling more real as we go along.

Let's get Veronica's MOTW out of the way first because, while it was wonderfully done, there isn't a whole lot to say about it. Veronica having to clear herself is the stuff "Clash of the Tritons" is made of, so this was good stuff. I love that she did some good detective work, old-school and new-school, and her suspicions were pretty much the audience's suspicions. I never felt like she was way out of line in her accusations. Hell, I expected her to accuse Max the "tutor," but instead she just asked him for his help since Mac doesn't have enough episodes in her contract had a project. And I loved how she just tried to get it all out of the way with a shotgun accusation that wasn't really mean, just...understandable. I really loved Veronica in this episode. The dean's wife is still hot. I like that Tim came clean about how, yeah, he was obviously a little jealous and peeved at Veronica's existence, but he sent her on a fun little treasure hunt for her own good. I loved that he actually trusted her to be able to follow the clues. And while I was a little surprised that Veronica still thought Ratner had done it enough to get him fired, it was still amusing.

I liked how Wallace's cheating business led into the cheating theme of this episode. And while I did not believe Wallace ever cared about mechanical engineering, showing us the plane from the pilot sure fucking helped. If the writers are that determined to make Wallace a mechanical engineer, well, at least they're using what they've got properly. And bravo on Wallace for choosing his studies over athletics, although basketball has been his Thing for quite a while. Loved the Rocky reference that went over his head. At least we got a couple little BFF moments.

I love Piz. He's just so funny and cute and awkward. Parker is fairly entertaining as well. I don't think Piz has a real shot with Veronica, and I sort of wish they just stayed friends, but that's obviously not going to happen because what would a show be without love triangles? ALL SHOWS NEED LOVE TRIANGLES. IT IS A LAW, APPARENTLY.

OH KEITH. So, yeah. That was coming. The car crash shook me, and I was really worried for his damn life, and my heart was beating faster, and then he was taking the dame like he was a gumshoe, and, yeah, he knows it's wrong, but that doesn't stop people from doing things, right, sincerelysummer? Although it would have been nice for the romance to have developed over more than one episode (much like Wallace's Drive to Cheat), we've seen that this show sacrifices character for plot all the time, so whatever. Thematics, man! It can't all be perfect. It's good enough for me. Alicia's gone, and Veronica's off at college most of the time, and Harmony's not really happy in her marriage anyway. No one is going to be happy to see a chink in Keith's white suit of armor, but it would be naive to think him totally pristine. We all make mistakes. I think Keith made it clear how very conflicted he was, and sometimes all it takes is nearly dying to unconflict you for just the right amount of time. I don't think we can make any real judgments until we see how he deals with it afterward. If he keeps seeing her without remorse, then we're going to have a problem.

But, wait, I didn't mention the first scene of the episode! Where they're all, "Yeah, Claire lied about her rape, and...that's pretty much all we have to say about that." Er. I'm sort of confused about Claire's and Nish's reactions, though? I mean...what the fuck did they think would happen? They're mad at Veronica for exposing a fake rape? Disregarding the fact that faking a rape is really low? Fuck you, Claire, and fuck you, Nish. And props to you, Dean O'Dell, for calling Nish on her shit. So I guess Nish and Co. were behind Claire, then? If there's one thing (besides Keith's infidelity, which is impossible to like) that I really didn't like about this episode, it's that they just glossed over what seemed to be a pretty major plot point with interesting consequences. I mean, does VM suck at resolving awesome cliffhangers or what?

So, during the scene where Parker and Veronica crash Piz's radio show, I was basically writing that paragraph in my head, noting that while this episode was really damn good and it flowed well and was very entertaining, it was surprisingly light on any progress in the rape mystery, this close to the end. And, swear to God, seconds after I finished having those thoughts, Parker reacted to Mercer's cologne. Mercer, as we all know, was dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange last week, and this is where wee_warrior silently rejoices for picking up on that. I mean, we know it's not him because it's too early, but that was still a nice touch. The clippers are circumstantial. And boy, was it weird for Lamb to, like, sort of put together clues with Veronica. Although they didn't do anything after finding GHB in Mercer's stash? And Mercer kept GHB in his money box? Huh? ANYWAY. We've got a nicely complicated frame job going on here, which is always fun stuff, and it's even more when Logan can't specifically give Veronica his alibi. Plus, no DNA evidence! VERY FISHY! Which lends credence to the "They're going to really pull the rug out from under us because the rapist IS A WOMAN OMG" theory.

Oh, my show. Thank you for coming back to me. I missed you.

In conclusion, spadada was right.
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