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Who Lit Toph on Fire?

Good news: I have a big sexy red couch!

Bad news: I have a small unsexy grey mouse!

This was certainly the most interesting Torchwood so far, and I give props for neat Doctor Who continuity and a pterodactyl, but I'm still not sold on this show and I sort of want to stop watching. I think vonnie_k nails it with her rant. I just...am I supposed to cheer at the sight of FOUR PEOPLE SHOOTING THE FUCK OUT OF a small little woman? I...she wasn't even posing any immediate threat, for fuck's sake. Who are these people?

Honestly, I want to give it up until someone tells me that it's turned into something worth watching, and then maybe I'll catch up. But I'm bad about quitting shows, and most everyone else seems to like it, so.

Sarah Wayne Callies is so beautiful. Slender body. Pretty pink lips. Gorgeous, gorgeous hair.

No, really, that's the extent of my Prison Break commentary. I didn't think it needed to be cut. Also, I have no flippin' idea what episode we're on, so I have no clue when the finale is going to be, which is kind of fun.

Heroes is always kind of fun, though! Sometimes more than just. Also, since I'm feeling lazy, I will again defer to Vonnie's thoughts.

Matt needs to stop trying to fix his marriage and...go do other stuff. Maybe now that he's going to get promoted, we can just have him full-time on the Sylar case and not have to worry about his cheating wife.

And speaking of fixing marriages...interesting development on the Petrelli front. So his (hot) wife is in a wheelchair, and he may have been responsible? I may be a bad person, but I feel like that makes Nathan less sleazy. Not that I advocate adultery, but the initial impression was that Nathan was just That Sorta Guy and he may have cheated on his wife multiple times before. This made it clear that it wasn't like that.

Go Peter with the cover story! Go Nathan with the painting wrangling! And then...the hell? A) Peter doesn't believe Nathan when he actually tries to be straight with him about the flying thing, like, will anything make him happy? And B) Nathan...for some reason lies to Peter about the painting. Does he want to check it out for himself or something?

Claire's story was pretty straightforward, but it was worth it for the YouTube exchange, which was hilarious and perfect. Because that is totally what that kid would do. That is what happens with all cool videos in the world.

They made it blindingly obvious that Radioactive Man is going to blow up New York. They also made it blindingly obvious that Clea Duvall must be some kind of idiot if she thought Dr. Burned to a Crisp was the work of Sylar when she had previously noted that Sylar has a very, very clear pattern of slicing people's heads open and pinning them to the wall with cutlery. Did I miss something? What was all the talk about him not having an M.O.? Didn't she clearly identify his M.O. before? It's the victims that don't make sense.

Also, I didn't put two and two together on my own, but it was pointed out that Claire's dad seems to be marking the Heroes (Radioactive Man and Matt both had those two lines on their back).

I loved that Hiro was just sort of amazed at having stopped time mid-explosion; he just marveled at things hanging in the air. His reactions are just so...true. Also, he can speak English again. It must be a phone thing. He just sucks on the phone.

I know a lot of people are bored by Niki, but I really like her, and not just because she's hot. I'm loving what they're doing with...Jessica, except giving her the name Jessica, because...er, sure. I've had good experiences with girls named Jessica, with few exceptions. So it really doesn't strike fear into my heart. But I love the way Ali Larter differentiates the two characters, how you can just tell when Jessica has taken over (although the Swirly Symbol of Dooooom is a nice touch as well).

And, finally: Micah has powers!! Whee!! Remember when he built that computer or whatever? And now he magically made a phone work! He's the Electrode Whisperer! I also sort of love that he freakily understands what's going on with his mom and her split personality.

Oh, Promo Guy! You have changed your tune on the FACE OF EVIL! Now, you realize that he has in fact been ambiguously presented ON THE SHOW, ass.

Studio 60 confused and bored me for the first ten or fifteen minutes or so. I was thrown by not starting in Studio 60, and I didn't know what the hell everyone was talking about and why they were there. You'd think I'd never seen a non-linear narrative before. That, and the meta commentary was distracting. So, if Sorkin realizes he's making a condescending, smartass show that makes fun of anyone not in the elite, it's okay?

After the pieces began falling into place, however, and I realized the circuitous comedy of errors that was likely to occur in order to make the beginning of the episode make sense, I started to enjoy the show. I found most of the "Blah blah, we can't take the Lord's name in vain" talk boring but loved the payoff that it was all a setup to inspire Matt. I kind of love Danny. And I still love Jordan. And I continue to like Simon, and I'm warming up to Tom. And Harriet is pretty. This is the thing, I'm beginning to like the characters a lot and wish they were in a better, less annoying show.
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