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You Didn't Care About Gravity or Anything Inertial

(I laugh at gravity all the time! Heh. Gravity.)

Last night, I finally met ohimesamamama (Mars). Also present were aiglet (Kate), porpentine (Chris), cadhla (Seanan), silverkun (Rey), ceolyn (Cat), beeker121 (Rebecca), and...Lisa, whose LJ name I do not know. We killed zombies, ate Mexican food, played Botticelli, and told jokes over the course of about six hours.

As I drove home, I realized it was one of those nights I used to write about, back in the days when I actually wrote about nights like that. But it's the sort of the experience you can't ever really capture in words because it's not always about what happened but the nature of it all. How exactly do I describe the tone of my "I used to like you" that I said to Cat when she attempted to poke me in the stomach with her foot, that Kate found so endearingly emo? How do I put into words the alternating feelings of totally not getting what anyone was talking about and totally having other people understand what I was talking about? Or should I just list silly things like Seanan drawing pornographic mermaids on Kate's back and the jubilant reaction (to Rebecca's confusion) to my question of "Do you believe in America that the streets are paved with cheese?"

I'm not entirely sure why, but Seanan's friends seem to like me. Well, I know this for a fact because Cat declared, "We like you." It's a funny sort of dynamic because I think part of my appeal is my constant bewilderment and finding them strange and off-putting; they have all this history that I don't have. But at the same time, although I am a New Person, they treat me like one of their own. Kate asked me how I'd been, and not in a standard way, but in a way that reflected that she genuinely cared how I'd been since the last time I'd seen her. She extended an invitation to go Contra Dancing tonight even though I had no interest. I don't know what I did to deserve it; maybe I'm just lucky enough to meet nice people.

Wherever you go, you need a core group of friends. A certain sample of people you feel comfortable with, who get together on a frequent basis. At Rice, I had that for the first time in my life. In Ann Arbor, I had The Girls. And as I drove away last night, I felt like I'd found my core group here.

But enough about happy things! It's time for the depressing outlook on humanity that is Battlestar Galactica!

This episode is not so much notable for what happens as for what it means.

The dynamic between Tigh and Adama has changed. Adama cannot understand what happened on New Caprica. He spent those four months on his cushy little spaceship, chowing down on an endless supply of noodles that appeared out of nowhere. He spent those four months waiting. Tigh, on the other hand, was In The Shit. He has a completely different perspective on the whole matter.

The dynamic between Starbuck and Anders has changed. Anders cannot understand what happened in that detention house. He spent those four months in the Resistance, organizing attacks and explosions. He spent those four months fighting. Starbuck, on the other hand, waged her own personal, ineffectual resistance, subjected to psychological torture, imprisoned, even less free than Anders. She has a completely different perspective on the whole matter.

I could go on and on, but the point is that even though superficially, the show pressed the reset button and got everyone back on the ship, they really didn't press the reset button on the characterizations.

I've become a Gaeta fan this season. Because he did what he could do, and he was risking his own ass every time he did even that. I really don't know that I'd have that sort of conviction and courage in his situation. I'm not entirely sure why he, I don't know, didn't immediately tell someone he had been the mole as soon as he got back on the ship, but...okay.

I love Anders now, too, for seeing The Circle for what it was: a lynch mob. But the fucked-up thing about the whole endeavor is that Zarek had a point, in a twisted sort of way. Yes, this is certainly the most "efficient" way of dealing with this, but is it really justice? Tigh was pretty convinced it was justice, or at least he had convinced himself because he didn't want to sound like Aragorn. And speaking of Aragorn, where the hell did he and that redheaded chick come from? Were they in the webisodes? I really need to get around to watching those because they made reference to the Temple massacre again, and I have no idea what they're talking about.

Laura Roslin is President again, and all is right. She sidesteps the whole issue by pardoning everyone, which doesn't bring Ellen and thirteen other people back to life. But it is a new, humane start following the second exodus.

Adama, you're clapping too fast.
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