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Me + Idea = Good

Please vote for #8.

This just in: I have some amusingness to preface tonight's post.

spectralbovine: When are you moving?
miniglik: Saturday!
spectralbovine: Holy cats!
miniglik: I'm going to talk entirely with sentences ending in exclamation points!
miniglik: Yaay!
spectralbovine: Exclamation points make me happy!
spectralbovine: Unless I'm being yelled at or condescended to!
miniglik: Okay!
miniglik: I'll try not to yell or condescend to you!
spectralbovine: The beginning of my VM post is so melancholy!
miniglik: Aw!
spectralbovine: I want the fire back!
miniglik: No Veronica Mars downloads up yet and [censored]!
miniglik: Everything is turning out so dark?
miniglik: Ahh!
spectralbovine: Nothing seems to penetrate my heart!
miniglik: I missed my exclamation!
miniglik: This sentence is mostly filler!
spectralbovine: I love you for making me laugh!
miniglik: Hee!

Fifteen minutes later...

miniglik: I want to know about love in the time of cylons!
spectralbovine: There is no love!
spectralbovine: Only death and pain!
miniglik: This show needs something to balance the pain!
spectralbovine: That is what Baltar is for!
miniglik: NOOoooo! That's not true! That's impossible!
spectralbovine: You know it, in your heart!
spectralbovine: You know it to be true!
miniglik: We are officially geeks!
spectralbovine: I cannot believe we just did that!
miniglik: We have referenced both Whedon and Lucas and both picked up the reference!
miniglik: We should be at a convention!

I'm sorry for frakking up the Vader line. Now, about the melancholy...

Sometimes I feel like I'm falling out of love with Veronica Mars. There's no question that I don't love it like I used to. My squee is taken up by several other shows these days. VM is still a huge part of my life, but we're just sort of good friends now instead of lovers.

I get antsy before each new episode because I'm afraid of what I'm about to see. Will it be good enough for me? Will it be good enough for the goddamn fandom? Will it be good enough for the Nielsen viewers?

But as soon as the episode starts, I feel like I'm home again. I feel comfortable. I've grown so attached to these characters, this world, their language, their posters, everything. I've always been an escapist, and Neptune is a place I like to escape to.

Overall, I thought it was a solid episode, but not stellar.

Hi, Wallace. Bye, Wallace.

Why does Dick exist? This is beginning to perplex me. I'm getting really tired of the multitude of Dick scenes when we barely get any Wallace or Mac. Granted, at least in this episode, there was a plot-related reason for him to be speaking to Veronica. But what was he talking about with Veronica clearing the Pi Sigs of the rapes? They were never accused! Troy was accused! And Veronica got them double secret probation! So, I mean, they do know she's got skillz, but there's no reason at all to think she harbors any goodwill toward them. And what is with all the focus on Veronica's rates? I don't even remember how many times we've actually seen her charge over the last two seasons. And that money is all probably tax-free!

Regarding the Continuity Error of Dooooooom: Veronica, um, did say the details were fuzzy. December 2003, summer 2004...IT ALL SORT OF RUNS TOGETHER AFTER A WHILE. Let's just be glad she mentioned it to Parker at all! Rewriting history is all the rage, anyway.

Besides, isn't it balanced by the fact that Veronica points a student to a book between Tolstoy and Turgenev, the two authors Aaron Echolls read while in prison? Come on, it's amusing. Be amused.

It's sort of annoying that Veronica keeps talking about Googling people when we're only ever allowed to see her use Planet Zowie. Or perhaps "Googling" as a verb has grown to encompass ALL SEARCH ENGINES EVER...much like Google itself will do in about a year.

I liked Keith's little plot, although it took me half the episode to catch the Just Shoot Me reunion. I was waiting for them to hook up. I like Laura San Giacomo for voicing a character in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, one of my favorite computer games. At least the plotline gave us some old-time stakeout scenes. But, really, Keith, you couldn't have led with "Your husband's not cheating on you"? And can someone explain to me what the hell was up with the tie clip in the pizza?

Charleston Chu! Haaaaa. That's great. And she called him Token. Hee.

Okay, I still hate the "Greek chorus of feminist guilt," but the rat trap thing is pretty sweet.

The convenience store clerk was fun, though I was baffled that Veronica didn't even bother to ask him for a description of the guy Claire was with. And now she has a picture of him, so...yay, we found the rapist? And he's some random dude we've never seen before? I...think not. One thing I really like about this mystery as opposed to the Lilly Kane murder or the bus crash is that it's still ongoing. I think that's pretty cool, that the crime Veronica is trying to solve continues to happen the longer she doesn't solve it. Of course, you'd think that would lend the episodes and the mystery a greater sense of urgency, but...it doesn't, really. Except intellectually. But because students keep getting raped, Veronica keeps getting more evidence. It's sort of twisted the way that works. Because the only way for Veronica to make headway in the case is for the rapist to give her more clues by...raping someone else. Because the trail of clues seems to go cold each time.

Logan's plot was nice in that Logan got to have a plot that wasn't "Aw, shucks, Veronica, I'm so glad you're my girlfriend." Matt Czuchry basically acted exactly like Logan Huntzberger. And he got punched in the face, so yay. I liked that we got to hear more about Logan's childhood. The pear story was creepy. And Logan is really so alone in the world, it makes sense that he would want to reach out to the only pseudobiological family he has. And he does so to this song.

In conclusion, it took me almost half a minute to realize the Manning quarterbacks Veronica was referring to weren't, like, the Mannings on the show.
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