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You Know Who Would Like This Show? Sokka's Instincts!

Hello, gentle readers! This is your occasional reminder to vote for Melanie's pumpkin (#8 - His Noodly Embrace)! She's within spitting distance of #1, and once we get her there, we ought to keep her there, dammit.

See, I'm glad I've got this pumpkin thing in my back pocket here; otherwise, I'd have trouble coming up with before-the-cut flavor text. You'd be subjected to more squeeing about Avatar, and YOU'RE NOT PRETTIER THAN WE ARE.

Sorry. I'm back.

You know what else is back? Prison Break! And, man, am I glad Sucre wasn't actually betraying them. It makes so much more sense for Michael and Sucre to screw the others over. They were cellmates, man! Amigos! Compadres! Also, at least they tossed in a line to let us know that Michael intended not to let T-Bag get away again, that he did feel responsible and understand that letting him loose was Not a Good Thing for the World. And aw to Michael and Sucre's friendship. It's really sweet.

I liked that Sara was kickass again like she was during the riot. She was all, "If I'm going down, YOU'RE GOING DOWN TOO." Smart woman! But, um, has she ever met Veronica? Because I think some of her idiocy rubbed off on her somehow.

Sarah: *gives dude her location*
Poor Random Woman: *gets shot at Sarah's location*
Sarah: "Hey, dude, some lady got shot. Right where I was supposed to be! Right where I told you I'd be! How did they know where I would be? I only told you, and I trust you for some reason! Did someone tap the pay phone? Or your phone? HOW DID THEY...OH."

But then she got smart again by figuring out Michael's code, although I have no idea how the dots helped her come to that epiphany.

I hate Bellick. What a slimy weasel. God.

Heroes was okay. I forwarded through Previously Guy, so I've got nothing to say about him. And Promo Guy had ALREADY SPOILED "Save the cheerleader, save the world," so...there wasn't much Future!Hiro said that we didn't already know. Geez, man, could you be a little more cryptic? Interesting that he mentioned "risking a rift," though.

It was very cool to see Nathan fly like hell, and what a landing, ouch. I refer both to Nathan's feet and the CGI. And it was cute for Hiro and Nathan to meet, but I was sort of annoyed at how well Hiro could communicate in English since he'd apparently been leaving Isaac messages IN JAPANESE. And Hiro explained the predicament to Nathan no problem, without using complicated language. I mean, whatever, if Hiro only speaks Japanese, there will be communication issues, but he seemed to do pretty well with Nathan. Unless he also has the power to Learn English, but only when he's around Heroes.

Matt basically acted out What Women Want, followed by "Earshot."

Oh! Claire and her daddy! Those were good scenes. Mysterious Man wiped Brody's entire memory! Damn!

Overall, yeah, the episode wasn't all that exciting. But I LOVED the parallel ending. "I have a message for you." Fucking sweet. Sorry, I'm a sucker for that shit.

Next week's episode looks awesome, though.

There is no next week's episode for S60, however, because they're getting replaced by FNL for a week, and when that does better, the show will be cancelled, and I won't be all that sad. Tonight's episode was all right, but sort of off and weird. I wasn't sure what was going on on a higher level. Jordan was cute when drunk, although I have begun to see the "Why is she a network president?" thing people have had problems with, although I can write it off because we've seen her kick ass and take names before. Tom's History of Studio 60 tour was actually fairly interesting, and a few nice moments came out of that plotline. I'm not entirely sure what the war veteran plotline was doing in there. And while I really like Simon Stiles, I'm totally perplexed by the racial issues in this episode. I can't figure out whether it ends up being racist by not trying to be racist, or something.

Also, what the fucking hell? They totally wasted Lauren Graham. Again. Why did they even bother having her on?

Franky, Studio 60 was better when it first came out.
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