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So He's Not Even a Very Good Murderer

You know, I barely paid attention to Gilmore Girls tonight, and I was sort of okay with that. Except that in a sad way, I was wondering why I ever watched the show at all.

This is my favorite episode so far, I think. Klembom delivered once again! So many great lines. Hell, just a teaser had a plethora of one-liners.

How much do I love that the very first time we see the Dean of Hearst College, he threatens to expel Veronica? This is going to be fun. He's no Clemmons, but who is, really? I think someone pointed out that Veronica learned about the botany professor after Nish had seemingly written the article, but I have no trouble believing that she would add that information in after Veronica called to retract the article.

Shit, shit, shit, I LOVE KLEMBOM. Because I just reailzed it's fucking impossible to talk about really good VM episodes because they have about four different plots going on that are all interwoven in some way by the end. I...think this one had more than four going on. MOTW, okay. Piz and his radio gig. The Dean and the Lilith girls and the Lampoon and the car. Weevil looking for work. Logan and Veronica. The rapes at Hearst. And, God, they all occur at the same time and help each other out and share plot elements and characters and GAH. Where do you begin??

Let's do Piz and his radio gig, because that's easy. Black Licorice, hee! Also loved the "friend of a friend rate" continuity joke. And, so, I think some people were claiming that Piz was Rob's avatar, what with the musical background and being in a band and everything, and I totally see it now because of this one line:

"Dude, that game rocks!"

Because Rob LOVES Guitar Hero. The writers play it at the office to unwind. The blatant plug really amused me.

Oh, as an aside: I wish they'd been able to keep the original title of this episode: "Friday Night Sleights."

Moving on: damn those militant feminists! I mean, they're just so annoying, and I still hate Fern. Nish at least has a little more interesting depth to her. And Claire, well, Claire's lucky to have only gotten raped. She could have gotten a tree branch in her head to boot.

So we've apparently moved on from the Greeks and are now accusing the satirists at the Lampoon? Hm. I mean, obviously, they have nothing to do with it, but it appears that we do have a savvy rapist on our hands. The victim couldn't be coincidence, right? And, seriously, how long ago was Parker raped? How often are these rapes occurring? I'd expected them to be monthly, not weekly!

Regarding the Dean's car: I've seen the "culprit leaves incriminating CD in the car" trick on Entourage too. Heh. Sharp eye, Veronica. Loved that she remembered what the son was wearing in the picture she saw for, like, ten seconds. That's our girl. And that's our boys, Phil and John. I love when little throwaways come back to prove important.

And speaking of throwaways: WEEVIL!! Working at the car wash, which is not as the fun as the song makes it seem ahahahaha. Weevil, playing detective! Weevil, in a SHIRT AND TIE. SO WEIRD. Weevil, PUNCHING OUT ABUSIVE MEN. That's our Weevil.

I like the MOTW, if only because Lindsey McKeon is pretty! I knew I recognized her, and I looked her up to discover that, aha, of course, she was Tessa in the Supernatural premiere! Let's see her again, for my sake. Except all my pretty girls die. Dammit. But I also liked that Kurt had integrity. And I liked all the twists. I mean, the playbook was stolen twice. How awesome is that??

Slightly less awesome is Veronica's old trick of not only fingering the first suspect any evidence points to but outright accusing him to his face. That never works, Veronica. Come on. But, I will give you this: "Yeah, so was Hitler" is about the best closing line EVER. I loved that she was so WHATEVER about it. Just the right amount of flippancy, in addition to the sprinkle of "Um, fuck, I was wrong."

And holy crap! I didn't expect Veronica to get caught so damn hard in the office! I mean, how many times has she gotten into scrapes like that and left unharmed by sheer luck? Not this time! This time, yes, someone will notice the printer is on and be suspicious and almost nudge you underneath the desk, so you jump out prematurely...and then spend THREE HOURS thinking of an alibi. It was great; Veronica was totally off her game there. Getting caught had gotten her plum flustered.

Let me insert a leetle line in here about Tessa's good intentions. Once again: well-intended wrongdoing ends up hurting someone you care about. And, to be honest, I did not get the parallel to Logan/Veronica until the anvil hit Veronica in that scene, so.

I was worried that they were going to break them up this early and upset all the fangirls (and fanboy). And I'm still sort of confused about Logan's behavior. I mean, why is he doing this? Yeah, the honeymoon is over with these two, but it seems like an abrupt change. I do like, though, that Veronica is pushing him away as well. And the line about women not placing tracking devices on their significant others' cars because "I don't think they know how"? PRICELESS.

Random Realism Rock-on! Night class! So very college and not high school, the infamous 7-10 class! Loved that they had one because I don't think I've ever seen a college show do one before, and they totally exist. And while we're on that scene, let me clear up something that confused me as well. Madison Sinclair is not at Hearst. Logan was referring to Dick's five minutes versus one minute in relation to, you know, when Dick and Madison were together. HA. Sixty-second man, that Dick.


And, at the end, Logan saves the day! Or maybe it's Regina Spektor who saves the day with "Fidelity," which suspiciously appeared on Veronica's MySpace page a couple days ago. I really like the music, and I think the plinky little piano worked well for the scene, because it sort of has that building feel to it, like Veronica and Logan need to build their relationship a little more. And it's quite hopeful-sounding, so it may be a few more episodes yet until these two inevitably break up.

But, really, Veronica. Totally unprofessional of you to ditch a customer like that and start making out in front of him. Maybe she'll get fired...and become a cheerleader!

Or Weevil's assistant.
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