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Stop! Hiro Time!

I know it's uncommon for me to post twice in one day, and I take great pains not to do so if I can help it, but I was doing my part for the fandom. I hope you can forgive me. Now, onward! Monday night television awaits!

Heroes continues to rock. Dear God. I mean, how awesome was that comic book panel that showed the Hiro/Ando dialogue they just said? I mean, you cannot lose when you pull shit like that. I'm sorry, but I go apeshit over time travel and destiny and prophecies and all that business. So the whole plotline of following what the comic book says will happen was so up my alley.

Also: HIRO STOPPED TIME. HIRO WINS AT LIFE. GOODBYE, CLAIRE. HIRO IS NOW MY FAVORITE. He's like the fucking anti-Claire, really. He's so fucking gleeful about having these powers and using them to save the world. Whereas Claire wants to be normal, he has longed to be different, to break apart from the mold. And Claire has every right to want to be normal. That's part of being a teenager. You don't want to be the freak. You want to conform because that's when people accept you. That's how you feel like you belong. So I love that Claire and Hiro sort of represent opposite ends of the spectrum here.

Ali Larter is hot. This is good. Also, I am now aware that Niki only has one k because there are helpful title cards reminding us of the names of these characters and where they are. And, um, this one time, they identified Peter and Simone together after having already identified them in separate scenes previously. Dude? We know who they are. This isn't fucking Laguna Beach. I wonder how long they plan on keeping that up. It is sort of helpful in these initial episodes, but it's also sort of distracting.

Anyway: Niki! There wasn't any Evil Niki in this episode, so that wasn't cool, but apparently Evil Niki's been killing the wrong people. Or perhaps the right people. I wonder what Niki's relationship with her husband was like, and how long he's been...wherever he is. But was anyone else confused by "I want you to stay out of my son's life"? Because...um, she went to her house. "Get out of my son's life! Oh, wait, you live here. Then you STAY RIGHT THERE WHILE I FLOUNCE AWAY."

Blah blah blah Nathan is a dick, Peter loves Simone. Those two should start flying around and fighting crime. But, okay, that scene where Peter tries to fly was really funny. Because I think it shows that they're aware of how melodramatic the similar shots of Peter in the pilot were. I mean, they were melodramatic in an awesome way, for me, but I felt like the scene was just as much self-parody as it was a regular joke.

I'm getting sort of baffled as to what, exactly, Mohinder's problem with his father was. Because...um, they seem to have been on the same page. Back in Calcutta, he seemed to be pretty damn supportive of his father's ideas. Hell, his Voiceovers of Ominous Portent make it amply clear that he believes the Heroes exist. And yet...he's acting like a whiny little bitch about trying to prove it. I'm sort of afraid that this character just had Daddy Issues 101 stamped on him without a second thought.

"And this Indian guy, let's make him, like, superhot. And he hates his dad!"
"Why does he hate his dad?"
"I don't know, he just does. All good Indians have daddy issues."
"I thought that was cowboys."
"Them too. Hey! Let's have one of the Heroes be a cowboy! With a magic lasso!"
"Like...Wonder Woman?"
"A cowgirl!"
"I'm going to have a sandwich now."

I couldn't believe that they found Sylar's address. And then they went to his place in the very same episode. And then we even got to SEE him. What the fuck was everyone going on about this show being so slooooooooow? I thought it would be ages before we saw Sylar!

As soon as Clea Duvall said that there was no evidence of physical contact, it was pretty obvious that Sylar must be crazy telekinetic. And lo and behold, he totally is. Except he may also have some sort of mind control. And the ability to disappear and/or fly. So I also think it's pretty obvious that Sylar has a whole bunch of Heroes' powers, either just by virtue of being Patient Zero or, as Kalshane posits, by eating their brains. I think the latter is making more and more sense the more I think about it, given all the clues. The map. The "light reading." The Ten-Percent Myth that laid the basis for these genetic powers. One wonders, then, what Dr. Suresh's role in Sylar's antics were.

Random: Ando is totally going to meet Niki in Vegas, and it's going to be SO AWKWARD.

Eee! Claire!! (Pun so intended.) And he seemed like such a nice boy, too. No, he honestly did! So why did he turn out to be a Grade A asshat rapist? Why do people suck? And it does seem like Claire gets to die EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, but this one was especially gruesome and...freakily final. Like, I thought her most likely course of action would be to play dead until he left, but she had pretty much gone into rigor fucking mortis by the end of it, there. And in the middle of her goddamn autopsy! There's sort of no turning back now, huh? It's hard to say, "No, it wasn't me who came back from the dead! It was my vapid cheerleader friend who also walked through fire!"

The promo promised "another Heroes ending" next week, which, aren't they all "Heroes endings," but I think the announcer means another sort of ending where we discover that Hiro was FIVE WEEKS IN THE FUTURE OMG APOCALYPSE OMG, so, um, I literally flailed. My arms were in the air. THIS SHOW MAKES ME FLAIL, YOU GUYS.

Studio 60 has never made me flail, and I don't think it ever will, because it's not that sort of show, but holy God, the show was FINALLY GOOD. It was funny and entertaining and exciting and not boring!! It was like Sports Night-meets-SNL, which is what this show should be like. This is the shit I signed up for.

Like, I can't even describe it, but there was such a sense of comedy about. Like that final, solitary pane of glass falling down? CLASSIC. Although I wondered whether anyone had gotten hurt because, Jesus, that was a lot of shattered glass that fell. It could have killed someone.

I think what made this episode good was that it was incredibly tightly written with a very coherent, pointed plot. It wasn't just an excuse for controversy or lambasting the Christian right or criticizing the state of television and/or humanity. It was a goddamn episode of television where things are happening, and they're happening fast. You've got the reporter plot, which is sort of in the background, and you've got Jordan's scandal just continuing from before. You've got Matt/Harriet all over the damn place, and it's terribly entertaining because Matthew Perry is funny and Sarah Paulson is pretty and funny. Also, Nate Corddry brought the random Strindberg reference. And the "Are you using a baseball metaphor because he's a baseball player?"/"No, but that's a good coincidence" exchange was very Sports Night-y. (As was "90 seconds back!" Oh man! Nostalgia.) And, finally, the main plagiarism plot, which was pretty awesome and exciting and hilarious.

There was so much more behind-the-scenes character stuff this time. With Ricky and Ron and the writer's room and their conflict with Matt, their attempts to earn his respect. I'm liking the continuity here. Also, it only just now occurred to me that Matt was taking those pills in that one scene for his back pain, which, again, nice continuity.

I'm glad I stuck it out because I think that, just maybe, this show is turning into the show I wanted to watch in the first place.
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