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It's a White Man's Sport!

Michael made good on his promise. The Veronica Mars premiere party was at aiglet's house, and about half the party had gone to get food from a nearby taquería. We who remained somehow figured out how to order pizza.

It was during the first commercial break of Gilmore Girls that my phone rang. I saw that it was a Private Caller and turned down the volume.

"Hey, Michael," I said. I asked him how traffic was, and he said that I would probably be his last or second-to-last call because he was almost out of traffic. I told him we had just ordered pizza, and he told us to save him a piece. I said I'd put him on speakerphone so he could deliver his special message to everyone else.

Who is that? people wondered. Michael Muhney, people answered.

harriettheelf kind of freaked out. It was pretty amusing. "You are the person to hang out with," she said, "when it comes to Veronica Mars!"

Michael chatted with us a bit, asking what time it was. We said we were on his time, and we were watching Gilmore Girls. The show had actually come on by now, but I let it go because, really, would we miss anything important?

The news of Muhney on the Phone spread past the living room, and cadhla and Julie kind of hilariously made their way to the group gathered around my cell phone. I think I may have been the only person there who had met him, so the novelty value was very high!

I didn't really hear everything he said because I was too busy enjoying everyone else's reactions, but I'm sure he told us to enjoy the premiere and all that. As he hung up, he told me not to be a stranger and probably called me swarthy.

After I put the phone in my pocket, harriettheelf said, "That really happened."

Do you know what else really happened? THE VM SEASON THREE PREMIERE, BABY!

I liked it even more the second time around. The show is always more fun when you see it with a group of people who love it, who get into it, who will join you in collective laughter. But I couldn't attribute everything to the crowd.

For instance, I loved Piz this time around. Dude is hilarious! I just love how blasé casual he is. He really adds a new sort of personality to the show. I think the first time I saw the episode, I mistook his jokey racism as actual racism, which soured me on him a little. But once that record was set straight, I found him immensely entertaining. And I liked Parker a lot more, too! She's just so genuinely nice in a sweetly oblivious way.

I thought the teaser was a good introduction to Veronica. While it would have been nice to see her actually solving the case with the real clues, I liked that she thought out of the box, which is a hallmark of a good detective. If you stick to the tried-and-true methods, you're not going to find anything anyone else couldn't find themselves. This is what Veronica brings to the table. That, and a perceptive grasp of possessive pronouns. "What did you do for the extra ten minutes?" cracked my shit up. Some people thought she was being a little mean and spiteful there, but Tim brought it on himself with the crack about elementary education. Tim, whom I recognized as James Jordan immediately because he was so obviously covered in hair. I applaud the actor, however, whose performance was completely unlike his as Lucky.

For most of the people at the party, it seemed that the new credits were a complete surprise, so they were met with lots of boos. But, really, they grow on you. I think they're very cool, although I do miss the fun of the old sequence. This one has its own fun, however.

The MOTW was pretty simple and straightforward, but it was a nice way to integrate Piz into the group. And there is, of course, much amusement to be had with the discovery that the head of the ring of thieves is named Fagan, a name that sounded familiar for some reason because, of course, Oliver Twist.

Let's do some character stuff now.

Wallace! I missed Wallace. The old Wallace, who wasn't burdened with ill-advised girlfriends and contract-fulfilling trips to Chicago. The straightfaced way he responds to Piz's assertion that he doesn't wear clothes indoors: "No, that's really not okay." The unironic way he declares that the beer and posters are behind the porn. His eye-rolling at the Unwashed. The hackysack scene in its entirety.

MAC. Tina Majorino is certainly earning her paycheck. Over the summer, Mac became both more adorable and a hell of a lot snarkier. That's what trauma will do to you, huh? Now she's nicknaming like crazy, from "Frozen Below the Waist" to "Needs Hosing Down." And her delivery of "More than anything in the world" is just priceless. And the little fake smile after "Under our suggestion box, and tip jar!" Mac is very bitter now, huh? She's got a lot more bite. But still: adorable! Like the smile she gives to Veronica after lying to Tim about the professor needing him, which I didn't catch the first time around.

Dick sure got messed up, huh? He's become incredibly self-destructive, and Ryan Hansen really surprised me with his last scene. He's always been good comic relief, but he pulled off the drama as well.

Logan was basically reduced to Veronica's Boyfriend, which bugged me. Very little of his edge. Hope he regains it, as schmoopy Logan is not very fun to watch.

Veronica. Oh, Veronica. I've heard complaints that she's become bitchy and overly quippy, and I did become aware that she sure does have a lot of quips up her sleeve, even when they're unwarranted. There's no need to kick Piz when he's down by berating him for not locking his car, although "Where they don't have rhetorical questions?" was delivered with enough of a smile. And was really funny, which lets me look past most things, as I like to be entertained by my television. I think Veronica could stand to have some more scenes like her scene with Piz where they discuss why she does what she does, a scene I really liked because, hey, did you hear that I like identity issues? Why does she do it? It's because it's who she is, that's why. Still, the writers know Kristen Bell can deliver lines like nobody's business, so we're treated to hilarities like "Are you ready to rock?/That's the spirit!!"

So, a couple complaints, then. On the second viewing, the rally scene stood out to me as really bad. It just seemed so horribly staged for the benefit of setting up the mystery. And, as gymble harriettheelf pointed out, Take Back the Night rallies generally take place at...night.

And then, of course, the most common complaint: when even hardcore fans find Keith's storyline confusing, we've got a problem. Personally, I am a fan of the Fitzpatricks and do not mind the continuation of their storyline and presence in Neptune, and we do have to resolve the whole thing with Kendall's briefcase, but Cormac Fitzpatrick kind of comes out of nowhere, and with the awkward exposition they throw in to explain to new viewers that Beaver killed himself, you'd think they could have tossed in a couple lines reminding us who the hell he is and what his relationship to Kendall is. All that is clear is that the briefcase was full of money (which, lame!), and I don't even remember where all this money could have come from, but both Cormac and Liam want it, so Cormac is running off with Kendall. And Vinnie bugged Keith's briefcase for some reason. And Cormac for some reason DOESN'T EVEN WAIT FOR KEITH TO LEAVE before killing Kendall. Or pretending to kill Kendall. Or whatever is going on there. It's good for counterbalancing the light mood of the MOTW, but it doesn't seem to fit in the episode, and it's hard to follow, to boot. I think the problem is that we're missing the second half of the storyline, which will come next week.

Unrelated complaint: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS WITH THE FUCKING AERIE GIRLS? I actually tried to listen to what they were saying in an attempt to discern why we were being subjected to them. And as it turned out, they had nothing interesting to say. They weren't even TALKING ABOUT THE GODDAMN SHOW. "Oh, you change so much when you go to college! OMG! Long-distance relationships are hard!" Are they trying to drive away viewers? I thought they cared about the 18-34 demographic, for God's sake!

Unrelated squee: OMG I SAW SHELLY POMROY TWICE. She's definitely at the rally wearing her now-trademark shades, and I'm pretty sure she walks down the hall on the right side of the screen when Veronica goes to take a picture of the Red Herring junior who had her stuff stolen. She also could be walking right past Veronica in the opening scene of the teaser. Shelly's at Hearst! Awesome!

Unrelated hilarity: remember this?
STEVEN: Look, those Kappa Episilon Epsilon guys. I don't know how they found out, but...I was just testing out my new digital camera, see. This one, actually. And, and...I think I saw something I shouldn't have. I saw that one guy, the big one that punched Dick Casablancas in the face at lunch on Wednesday

I CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE. Deedee's boyfriend is the rapist!

And speaking of rape: Julie Gonzalo nailed that final scene.

All in all, it was a very entertaining episode, which I hope entertains new viewers enough to stick around. I don't even know what to expect from the ratings. I'm afraid. But...there's not much I can do about it now.

My show is back.
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