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Those Aren't Rapist Shoes!

Before I get to the Monday night television, I have some fun links for you all! See, we (helpmeveronica.com) developed all these extra bonus videos as a reward for solving the Codemaster's devious puzzles. Of course, only like five people bothered to stick with it long enough, and it seemed like a waste to hide them behind a barrier most people wouldn't make the effort to break through, so now everyone gets them for free. Except for the credits. You actually have to play to see the credits. Just like any other game.

  • A Special Message from Rob Thomas: I got Rob to record a little congratulatory message for the few, the brave, the hearst_helpers. It's worth it for the hilarious face he makes at the end.
  • Who doesn't love a good head-shaving video? That is a rhetorical question. Because everyone loves to watch someone get their head shaved. In this case, that person is jadelynx.
  • Presented by Dr. Von Wolfhausen: alliterator is weird. That's...really all I can say about this one.
  • Veronica Mars meets Clue: That's how it COULD have happened! But how about this? Warning: contains major spoilers for the first two seasons!
  • HMV Gag Reel: Gag reels are always funny. Especially when alliterator randomly inserts a Homestar Runner parody in it. And you can hear me curse!

    Prison Break: whatever episode this is because it's so confusing that this has been on for weeeeeeeks already!Collapse )

    Heroes: Chapter 2 in the EPIC SAGACollapse )

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Focus GroupCollapse )
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