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Tell Me More About TELEVISION?

It's not fun being uninspired, but that also means no new posts, which means no new comments, which means I feel lonely. So I must create new product! Here are some short thoughts on other shows I've watched since Monday:

Gilmore Girls: It was pretty good. There was a lot of talking, and Paris pretty much owned her scene, as completely irrelevant as it was for the most part. I don't think I noticed a Big Difference or whatever with the new showrunner, but I'm also not that astute an observer of such things.

I'm not sure what it says that the event that got the most reaction out of me was Kirk crashing into Luke's diner. I actually put my hand to my mouth. I think we get so attached to inanimate objects because they have no way of defending themselves. They're just there. And since we're the ones who project any sort of significance or personality onto them, we're the ones who are affected.

Does the show care about Lane anymore?

Jericho: The entire time I watch this show, I keep thinking, "Why am I watching CBS?" There's just something so damn CBS about it. And I don't want to keep watching because I don't care about the stupid little town or almost any of the characters, but the concept is still interesting. The thumbtack scene was really great. And I like Heather, the pretty schoolteacher. She's got spunk. The show as a whole feels decidedly mediocre, but it's a very strong mediocrity.

Smallville: It was a lot of crazy dramatic nonsense, but that's Smallville for you. I'm still annoyed that it apparently takes three whole seconds of no Internet for the world to riot. And I don't think magic satellites could reshape the Earth's crust. And I don't know why the exit from the Phantom Zone immediately drops Clark back on Earth, of all possible places. Though it will be fun to see the phantoms wreak havoc in Argentina or wherever that was.

"Is this because I didn't call?" HEE. Also, why didn't you call, Jimmy? You always call! At least, that's what I hear. You'd better not turn out to be a drug dealer with a flaming-panty girlfriend.

Supernatural: The fans seem to love the hell out of this episode, but as an introduction to the series, it was pretty boring. All the talk-talk-talk seemed like things they'd been saying to each other over and over. "You're a bad father!" "I'm a bad father!" "I'm a good son!" "You're a good brother!" "Demons are bad!" At least the Reaper was pretty.

Six Degrees: WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BORING? I just...this was a cool idea, but it's not whimsical enough. It's trying so hard to be serious and profound that it won't just let it happen. I like Damien's story, and Mae has that Mysterious Box going for her, but no one else is really engaging. Maybe I'm just not that into straight drama, which is what this basically is, despite the gimmick.

See, I'm really bad about stopping shows because I get the niggling feeling that if I keep going, it will get better and I will be glad I didn't quit. Which is why I should just not have checked out anything I wasn't sure was going to be really good and up my alley. I want Jericho and Six Degrees to get cancelled so I don't have to decide whether to keep watching them. Why do I keep watching shows out of inertia if they're no longer delivering what I began watching them for? Are diminishing returns really worth my time? I'm such a stubborn completist.

Really, if I were to take a scythe to my schedule, the only shows that would remain would be Veronica Mars, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica. And, oh, Prison Break, which I sometimes forget exists but continues to entertain me. And I hope last night's My Name Is Earl was better than last week's. If it was, it gets to stay too. There's so much television, and I only have so much time. What's the deal, REALITY?
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