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A Day in the Life of the TWoP Forums Being Down

The TWoP forums are still down, and I cannot contain my love for this episode, so:


First, absolutely killer opening scene. Loved all the swaying camera work as Veronica tears up her room and discovers the bug. And of course she doesn't destroy it. She's seen movies before; she knows what to do.

Great use of flashbacks so that they could still have the MOTW while telling us what went down when Veronica met Lianne. And damn. Dude. They went and confirmed a lot, didn't they? I'm trying to put everything together now. I mean, this supposedly absolves Jake of the murder, but all these alibis are still for Lilly's supposed time of death! So in fact all suspicions are still viable! Could Celeste have left the hotel angry and gone after Veronica in a jealous rage, assuming the mistaken identity theory?

And Veronica used up all her savings to treat her mom's alcoholism. Damn. It's a twelve-week program, though, so I guess that means we won't see her again this season? Also, this kind of destroys my pet theory about Lianne being the murderer. She's not as whack as I first thought.

So, the MOTW. I think Entertainment Weekly made the amusing connection between Veronica's going from finding her mother to finding a parrot. Loved the "day in the life of the human Google" line.

You know what? It didn't even hit me until a few hours before the episode that "Betty and Veronica" isn't just an empty Archie reference, since Veronica's name is...Veronica. I'm a moron. As is Richie, for not getting the Riverdale reference. Hee hee. And it's great that they never explained the Pan reference. The mascot was a goat. Hee hee. Go mythology go!

Loved the twists and turns, which, again, were natural. And how great is it that Weevil turned out to be the bookie? Glad they're not softening him up too much. Except he may be in a wee bit of trouble if everyone really did bet on Neptune.

Wallace has really come into his own as a character. I was a little concerned about the subtle friction between Veronica and him (he's found a new group of jocks to hang out with, etc.), but then we discovered Veronica was making the Snickerdoodles, and my heart did a little dance. I wanted to give her a hug. So sweet. I was so happy to see her do something truly nice and selfless for him.

And Veronica doesn't seem as okay with Meg/Duncan as she did last time, huh? I hope she doesn't totally cut Meg off, because, well, Meg's pretty, but she's also nice, and she truly does want to be Veronica's friend. Loved the awkwardness of the gelato place, not only because of Meg and Duncan, but also because Jake and Celeste were there.

Oh, I forgot to mention a line Kristen Bell rocked the fucking house on. When Lianne said she knew Jake didn't do it: "In your heart? Because you love him?" It was the perfect mix of biting sarcasm, disbelief, grief, and about fifty other emotions. She managed to find the right balance between trying to hurt her mother with those words and crying about the things her mom has been hiding from her.

And finally, the ending. I clapped my hands at the incredibly slick execution of Veronica's plan. You are so fucked, Clarence Wiedman. Veronica has your number.

Abel Koontz has a daughter, and somehow Keith never figured this out. She must be pretty well hidden.

This episode was solid beyond all solidness. Man.
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