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Shake, Rattle, and Roll

So my cousin is showing me the books she needs for English to see if I have any of them.

And then we feel this light rumbling, and it kind of feels like the shelves above her computer are shaking. It's very subtle, almost like my vision is just going out of focus. She asks what's going on, and I joke that it's an earthquake because ha, California, you silly state. It was a very odd sensation, that rumbling, the kind that makes you a little afraid of what's going to come after. It feels like there must be a gigantic tank of killer robots coming down the street.

Then I go downstairs to eat dinner. My uncle puts on The George Lopez Show, and then, unexpectedly, because, well, that's the way these sorts of things happen, the show is interrupted for Breaking News.

Do you know what the news was, my dear readers?

Of course you do.


It was only a 4.4, and the epicenter was over 70 miles away, but my cousin and I were certain we had felt it. No one else in the house had felt anything, but we had been upstairs, which would be a little more unstable, I suppose. It couldn't be a coincidence, obviously. And aha! la_perkins and em_angharad, also down here in Belmont, felt it too!

I just felt my first earthquake.

I guess that was my welcome to California.
Tags: buffistas, family, personal, such is life
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