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Jason Dohring Is a Diva Like Shiva

So many of you are familiar with my freaky mix CDs. Jason Dohring's mix was popular for obvious reasons, and he seemed to enjoy the concept when I gave it to him. In fact, he did sincerely thank me during the online press conference.

I thought the saga was over.

I was wrong.

What fresh hell hath befallen Polter-Cow?Collapse )

It's been over a month, and I have received no response. One of the three people in this scenario must suck:

1. Kathy
2. Jason's publicist
3. Jason
4. Ali
5. Ali's sister

Man, Jason Dohring is such a bitch. With the exceeding amounts of gratitude and the remembering that he already thanked me so he doesn't have to personally e-mail me and make me the envy of all the women on the Internets.

I shall have to be contented selling stars to starless Sneetches.
Tags: alamo marsathon, gratuitous strong bad references, i am so awesome, jason dohring, michael muhney, pimpings, random butter battle references, rob thomas, word to my anonyrats
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