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Jason Dohring Is a Diva Like Shiva

So many of you are familiar with my freaky mix CDs. Jason Dohring's mix was popular for obvious reasons, and he seemed to enjoy the concept when I gave it to him. In fact, he did sincerely thank me during the online press conference.

I thought the saga was over.

I was wrong.

The night of June 2, I received a mysterious instant message.

kath0321: hi

It was an intriguing greeting, worthy of my equally intriguing response:

Spectral Bovine: Hey.

Then came a probing question!

kath0321: are you the same guy that was on the VM online press conference

But there was no question mark! Was it really a question? Also, although I am Lord of the Fandom, I am not the sole guy.

Spectral Bovine: I was one of a few guys, yes.
kath0321: sorry for stalking you out, I actually was in on it to, I have a site called give me my remote....anyway, did you give jason dohring a cd

This woman sure did want answers!

Spectral Bovine: Oh, hey!
Spectral Bovine: I've been to your blog and read your interviews.
kath0321: nice..thanks
Spectral Bovine: Are you Kath32 on TWoP as well?
kath0321: i'm kath0321
kath0321: yeah on twop
Spectral Bovine: Ah.
kath0321: there is someone else with a similar screenname
kath0321: but you gave jason the cd right

And she wanted them NOW! But why?

Spectral Bovine: Yeah, the profanity CD.
kath0321: ha ha...cool. well i ran into him a few weeks ago and he asked that I help him find out who sent it, b/c he felt bad that he hadn't thanked you...or something
Spectral Bovine: Ha!
Spectral Bovine: He did thank me, though.

Seriously, he did. There is audio/visual proof and everything. How funny, though, that he felt bad.

kath0321: ah...anyway, he must have liked the cd b/c he brought it up during our conversation....woudl you care if i gave your email address to his publicist?
kath0321: or your IM address
Spectral Bovine: No, I wouldn't mind.
kath0321: which would you prefer
Spectral Bovine: [e-mail address removed to avoid being put on Scientology mailing lists]
kath0321: cool....i'll send it off to her tonight
kath0321: maybe you'll hear from him...who knows
Spectral Bovine: Heh.

Oh, dear. I'm already in e-mail contact with Rob Thomas and Michael Muhney. Adding Jason Dohring to the list would give me a whole new legion of haters!

Spectral Bovine: That's really funny. I'm glad he liked it so much.
Spectral Bovine: I thought he got a whole bunch of CDs.
kath0321: well jason does like his profanity...every other word out of his mouth is the f bomb..lol

My freaky mix CD stood out among the masses!

kath0321: i don't know how many cd's he got, but he knew i was on the online press call and asked me about the guy who gave him the cd
kath0321: i looked at the transcripts and tracked you down
Spectral Bovine: Hee. How Veronica of you.
kath0321: lol
kath0321: i learned it by watching her!!!

Honestly, it is not that hard to track me down. But, seriously, Jason, you totally thanked me already! You loose, floppy goofball!

kath0321: cool...well i ow an email to his pub, so i will make sure to include you email address
kath0321: have a good night!!! take care
Spectral Bovine: You too.

It's been over a month, and I have received no response. One of the three people in this scenario must suck:

1. Kathy
2. Jason's publicist
3. Jason
4. Ali
5. Ali's sister

Man, Jason Dohring is such a bitch. With the exceeding amounts of gratitude and the remembering that he already thanked me so he doesn't have to personally e-mail me and make me the envy of all the women on the Internets.

I shall have to be contented selling stars to starless Sneetches.
Tags: alamo marsathon, gratuitous strong bad references, i am so awesome, jason dohring, michael muhney, pimpings, random butter battle references, rob thomas, word to my anonyrats
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