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Welcome to the Future

Many, many thanks to sinca, who pointed me to Steve's Digicams, which is where I came across the Canon Powershot A530, which r_a_l_i_g_h helpfully put in a good word for.

I now own one. My very first digital camera. It zooms! It sepias! It may or may not julienne fries!

Apparently, this is only the beginning, though. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a 1 GB SD card off Dave, but what should I do about batteries? Regular alkalines forever? Rechargeable NiMHs? Lithium batteries? What are decent prices for such things? Also, should I get a carrying case? They're stupidly expensive. Pimp my digicam, people!

Anyway. Without further adieu, I now present the very first picture taken with my digital camera, who is possibly named Steve. Or Blinky.

As a bonus, here is a lovely little picture for my beloved friends from Rice.

I booked my flight to Comic-Con today. It was a very spendy Sunday.

I need to flip through the manual to figure out how to use this bloody thing.

I am sorry, zimshan, for forsaking you.
Tags: comic-con, lj friends, personal, pictures, pimpings, real life friends, rice
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