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The Fourth of Many Pimpings

After nearly a month, I finally updated my blog. Learn all about the cardiac action potential, how cool it is, and why you're not dead.

Man, it's been so long I've forgotten what-all I've been meaning to pimp.

Death of the Fametracker forums got you down? Got nowhere to talk about Harry Potter? sneaker328's got your back, yo! Check out her Harry Potter board!

But Sunil, you say, I don't even know how to pronounce J.K. Rowling's name! Is there nowhere for me to discuss, say, publishing and multimedia in general?

Yes, indeed! Thanks to jeeperstseepers, you have your very own board whose title is a Buffy reference! Check out To Read Makes Our Speaking English Good!


(I wasn't really excited, but I had some spare exclamation points lying around.)

Glarkware finally has a Veronica Mars shirt. I'm taking up a collection to buy one for jb88, who embroidered our lovely pillow, but I'm also hoping to stumble across a twenty-dollar bill on the street before March 31 so I can justify my own purchase. Cause...dude. I will admit, it's certainly not the One True VM Shirt, but...it's got a skull-and-crosstridents. And everyone loves pirates!

Oh! Soon after I posted this entry, I buckled down and started up tvgirlfriends. Join! Drool! Squee!

So cleolinda is using her popularity for the forces of good. You can read the gritty details over there, but the bottom line is she's raising money to help out a woman with cancer, and in return, she'll parody a movie. I hadn't realized that Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes was actually a result of a similar drive back in December. So if you can spare some dough, go, give, log your donation. It's for a good cause, after all. cleolinda parodies! I mean, saving someone's life. Yeah, that.

Also, if you're one of those people who writes fanfic or makes icons or creates mood themes or does any sort of creative fandom-type stuff, please check out fandom_aid. It's a community raising money for tsunami relief. There's also fandom_help, which recently bought an iPod for the daughter of the aforementioned woman with cancer.

I think this is my favorite song this week, and I really have to share it with you all: Snow Patrol - Crazy in Love (BBC Live Version)

In conclusion, ask me five questions.
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