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Two Guys, a Girl, and a Podcast Place

Have you guys been listening to Neptune Pirate Radio? Why not, you whores? Don't you do everything I tell you to? Geez! I've been really enjoying the show every week. It's got a kickin' theme song, and Sandy, Theo, and Scarlett have a nice, casual rapport that makes for a good listen. They sound like three VM fans chatting and laughing in a room together, and who doesn't love kindred spirits?

So of course I was honored when I was asked to guest host this week's episode because Scarlett was off eloping with Troy. Me! Chatting with Sandy and Theo! How frickin' cool!

And it was, in fact, more frickin' cool than I even imagined. Sadly, a lot of our frickin' coolness, like Sandy and me alienating Theo with our math geekiness, was destined to end up on the cutting room floor (or was never recorded in the first place). But I had a great time, and I met with their hearty approval.

So, if you miss me and my stupid-ass voice, download the latest episode. Here is a taste of what you can expect:
  • "Hands in pants!"
  • Veiled self-aggrandizement
  • A gratuitous Scooby-Doo reference
  • Two Truths and a Lie, for which this post would have been helpful
  • A nice save...that you totally shouldn't realize is a save at all
  • Theo and me making fun of Sandy for thinking we might not learn who caused the bus crash in the finale
  • You know, Sandy has a nice voice. I'm just saying.
  • Babbling. Hard. Core. Babbling.
  • Gia love!
  • Steve Guttenberg love!
  • Theo and me making fun of Sandy for not being able to properly say the title of Three Men and a Baby
  • Lost spoilers for this week's episode
  • My rendition of Woody Goodman's Stonecutters song
  • Theo and me making fun of Sandy for thinking she has an original idea
  • Filling the Scarlett void
  • The best intro Sandy and Theo have ever heard, so raucous that Bailey can't even start the music segment
  • Buffy series finale and Angel S5 spoilers
  • Emm Gryner pimpage!
  • The sound of my notification of voicemail from incidentist
  • A discussion of how amazing outoffashion is
  • The Top Three Theo Fantasy Picks Who Have Absolutely Nothing to Do with Veronica Mars
  • A failed attempt at a collective "Arr!"
  • A successful attempt at a collective "Arr!"
  • My totally awesome bus crash suspect that hellopoe will flip out over (hint: The French Connection)
  • An obligatory CERVANDO KILLED FELIX mention
  • Sandy's totally awesome bus crash suspect (hint: a vast Belgian conspiracy)
  • Theo's...bus crash suspect, who is less awesome but still manages to invoke the French connection
  • A litany of literary references for English majors who crashed the bus
  • Bailey's totally awesome bus crash suspect that is so totally awesome because of the totally awesome person who came up with it
  • An inspirational message
  • Theo and me making fun of Sandy for...just kidding
Tags: fandom love, i am so awesome, lists are less time-intensive, lj friends, mi.net, pimpings, veronica mars

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