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Like...the Math?

On May 9, CW will stand for something entirely different: cloud_watchers.

Look to the skies.

Fuck you, jury! FUCK YOU. Yes, it was the most likely verdict, but I was still hoping that he'd be convicted. This brings so much more pain, though. Look at Veronica's face as she sees her best friend's killer walk free. Right after she skipped out on a final exam, thus destroying her chances for the Kane scholarship.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, we have Lucky going nuts with blanks, and zimshan was right all along: someone finally got shot! I don't think she would have guessed this, though. Nice save, Wallace. Glad you didn't DIE. Wallace and Jackie are still boring, and I no longer like Jackie now that she's been utterly and completely redeemed into some sort of treacly...treacle. Enjoy France.

I still love Gia. The cupcakes. Her reaction to Veronica's request for pie. Her "You should sleep over!" response to studying together.

It's my understanding that POP e-mail actually pulls the mail from the server when it's checked; IMAP will leave it on the server until you manually transfer it with your mail program. Unless I misunderstood what Keith was talking about.

Who was Beaver's random friend? Was his line supposed to make any sense?

Woody Goodman reached new levels of creepy tonight. He wins points for creepy but loses points for STUPIDITY. He didn't check his Sent Mail after Veronica left? That's what you do when you catch someone using your computer.

So he's a pedophile. It's not like everyone didn't see this coming after the whole squeezing-Logan's-bicep thing, but that's pretty much the only place for this storyline to go. It does seem to make a lot of pieces fit together. Now it's almost certain that Woody was to be the "outing of all outings," but I still wonder why Marcos and Peter would go on that field trip at all. You'd think they'd want to stay far away from the sick freak.

Oh my God, Gia's MySpace lament was HILARIOUS. Because that is so, so, so realistic. I'm surprised Diane pegged the MySpace mentality so well.

And speaking of Diane and pegging, the funniest thing in the entire episode? RICK PICKETT WAS MOLESTED BY WOODY GOODMAN AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, child molestation isn't funny. But to think that when Mr. Shout-Out finally gets a shout-out himself, THIS is it? Oh, Diane. You're so wrong.

Leonard Lobo gets Terrence as an indentured servant. Okay. The bus crash charges are dropped, and I guess since he entered the Dumass house through an unlocked garage, it wasn't breaking and entering? Hold on a sec, this means Terrence didn't really have a point at all except to be an entirely obvious red herring.

Aww, "Lost and Found" is a Veronica/Wallace BFF song! He's the best thing that happened to her. "It was worth getting taped to the flagpole." AWWWWW. That's my Wallace.

I enjoyed the Mac/Beaver/Weevil plot. And the "I *heart* pi" shirt in the background. I think Mac and Beaver were laughing at the thought of "working out their aggression" over in a closet somewhere. (Oh man, did you realize that if Mac put out, we could call her Easy Mac?)

Bomb! Finally, something very interesting: Lucky's bomb is the same type of bomb that was used in the bus crash. Now, Lucky didn't cause the bus crash; that would be ridiculous and dumb. But hmm. And now Woody has skipped town in his plane. Way to run Neptune, dude.

I'll bet Logan and Leo sure feel stupid right now. Way to lose the case against Aaron, guys. And I was surprised they even managed to debunk the whole attempted murder (or "aggravated assault") bit. Wasn't there a whole lot of fire? Did Aaron just say Keith set it? And why didn't they let Backup testify?

Very cool scene with the Things Keith Doesn't Know, though. I didn't even know Keith didn't know some of that.

I wonder if the writers are aware that Aaron has at least three Oscars visible on his shelves. Because he only refers to "my Oscar," implying that he only has one. I really don't think they know about those. Aaron would have said "an Oscar" or "one of my Oscars."

And Aaron Echolls goes free. This is justice, Neptune style.

So. I'm glad people are feeling the love again. But I'm very anxious about this finale, and I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed. Did we really learn much new information about the bus crash in this episode? No, not really. For the first half of the season, I was loving all the plates in the air, all the complications, but in this second half, I'm discovering that the plates are made of styrofoam. By making everything so complicated, the writers have introduced SO many possibilities that we've gone mad over each and every one of them, and so many of them feel right, that when we finally get the canonical answer...it's bound to be somewhat of a let-down. I'm not feeling the boffo payoffs in relation to the byzantine, promising setups. I'm not feeling the same sort of momentum we had at the end of last season. I don't know what it is. I hope the finale blows me away, but I don't think it will.

Still: season three, guys. A fresh start, in a way. This cannot be the end.
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