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Your Wish Is My Shift-Command

BART is oddly relaxing. This has been your sentence.

Whoa, that was bus-crash-tastic. Where to begin?

Well, we can start with: um, that was totally Dick's shirt.

Also, someone on TWoP was JUST asking about Thumper's paddle, and I was all set to remark, "Looks like we have another spy pen on our hands!" But no! It's totally important!

Shit, Klemmer tied all the plots together too much so that it's all confusing. He was a little weak on the stuff that couldn't connect as well, like the Wallace/Jackie stuff; that led to an awkwardly placed passport scene that I appreciated anyway because Cute As a Bug Manager was back!! Aw, she's pretty.

Blah blah blah Wallace and Jackie blah blah blah. If she's going to the Sorbonne and not following Wallace to Hearst, what was her purpose this year? Frickin' UPN. And what about those pills, huh?

Mac was great. I don't care what Veronica says; I liked her computer humor.

I must hand it to the writers: they made a pretty good argument for Weevil, even though it can't be him. I don't know why I never, all this time, thought about the fact that the LIMO might have been the target, and the rat was placed not to keep the poor kids on the bus but to get the rich kids IN THE LIMO. Veronica's pointed barb, "Wouldn't you want to kill the guy who killed Felix?" was spot on, although it was hard to tell whether she actually knew what had happened to Thumper. Surely, she knew what Plan B entailed, right? And the interesting thing is...she's pretty much condoning it by not telling anyone. I'm not sure how I feel about that, and I wonder if that's relevant to the ending, which was kind of weak in a way (if she had given him the name, on the other hand, that would have been sweet...except again with the not being sure how I feel about that).

Keith said "detectiving"!! Hee hee hee hee.

Okay, here's how it is: I daresay Weevil has had a more interesting character arc this year than Veronica. It's been said before, of course, that Weevil is this year's Veronica, since he's been trying to find the murderer of a close friend and he gets kicked out of his special club and he makes out with Logan and whatnot. But I love how far he's come, how he's reacted to his outcast status. He bails the PCHers out, and then he doesn't take them back. They made their choice. He doesn't believe Hector's bullshit. He doesn't need them anymore. He is Eli fucking Navarro, Esquire, yo, and you cannot count on his vote this year.

What was with that black-eyed white kid being a PCHer, though? I thought brown skin was a requirement.

The gun fake-out annoyed me because it was clearly audience misdirection; I can't think of a valid reason for Veronica to actually tell her dad, "I think someone's going to get shot," when she knows the gun isn't loaded. Note: that Veronica took the bullets out of the gun without our knowing was totally cool.

Liam Fitzpatrick is a pretty sweet villain, I must say. He's a nice, ruthless badass who will beat the crap out of you or throw you into the ocean, whichever suits his fancy at the hour.

Gia! What did you do to your hair?!?! (Also, Woody called to get her location. So he also would have known where the bus was. GODDAMN YOU, RED HERRINGS! No, really, this episode blew the whole case wide open by removing some of those pesky restrictions and assumptions we'd been working with until now.)

All right. Kendall has become our prime suspect, and with good cause. It's awesome that she's turned out to be much more than the trophy wife, a real femme fatale, as it were. One thing: wasn't her old name supposed to be Lacey Shifflet?

Also, I'm calling it right now: Priscilla Banks is Ashley Banks's mom. She could also be the mom of Cervando, who TOTALLY KILLED FELIX.

So Kendall's got a record, and she's been pulling a Sawyer, so was Big Dick part of a long con? One that appears to have failed? She's mixed up with the Fitzpatricks, just like EVERYBODY IN NEPTUNE OMG. Seriously, you guys, if they'd thought up the Fitzpatricks last year, they would have killed Lilly Kane. And been Veronica's father. Yes, all of them.

I don't know what to think anymore! Will everything lead back to the Fitzpatricks? Will the bus crash turn out to have been accidental, a product of an attempted hit on someone in the limo? Was a bomb really the best and most efficient way to go about doing this? AND WHAT'S WITH GIA'S HAIR?!?!
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