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Final Friends

I am now in the Pacific Time Zone. Also, because of my living situation, it is possible that I may not see my shows for a couple days. Please take this into consideration when communicating with me.
  • Talked to Kristy on the porch and met her friend Pooja
  • Passed Sarah on the way to and fro my apartment as she was Gardening While Cute
  • Looked for sunglasses with Melanie
  • Had a hot fudge strawberry milkshake at Pizza Bob's while Melanie enjoyed her peanut butter Oreo
  • Expressed outrage at the one-dollar arcade games at Pinball Pete's because House of the Dead III would be the most appropriate game for us to play on our last day together
  • Mocked Melanie's Skee-Ball skills as she racked up a mere 14,000 points
  • Kicked her ass with 21,000 points
  • Let her try again for a respectable 20,000, which she considered a victory due to her combined score
  • Shot more innocent victims than bad guys and thus died in about ten seconds, a quarter well spent
  • Bought Jolly Ranchers with our whopping thirteen tickets
  • Perused Middle Earth, the wacky hippie New Age store where you can buy Belief in God spray and spells that might actually work...and also sunglasses and lip balm that Melanie felt the need to apply every ten minutes
  • Had a farewell dinner at Pizza House with Kristine and Chelsea
  • Attended the very last Basement Arts production to be performed in the Frieze Building, which was going to be torn down
  • Saw a modern interpretation of Lysistrata whose script was bad and whose acting was worse, but was still entertaining and had a great ad-lib in the direction of a crying baby...and also a bunch of girls in their underwear
  • Watched Die Hard with a Vengeance on FX and marveled at the fact that Melanie, who hadn't even seen the movie, could tell when some of the more violent scenes were edited
  • Beamed at Melanie's appreciation of my appreciation for movie violence
  • Drank limeade in a martini glass
  • Mocked Melanie for thinking "you racist melon farmer" was an actual line of dialogue for Samuel L. Jackson
  • Left before the hot German badass sex that only lasted, like, three seconds anyway but had some bra action
  • Saw the last Witt's End improv show of the year
  • Learned about the frat-boy significance of the popped collar
  • Watched The Last Unicorn with Kristine and Melissa and Kristy
  • Discussed the penis tree and mocked Jeff Bridges' attempt to sing
  • Analyzed the disturbing implications of the movie not able to be seen when we were five
  • Watched Slap Shot
  • Mistook Paul Newman for George Bush
  • Discovered that there are such things as "hegemonic sports" and that America has three of them
  • Hugged my girls, with whom I had never spent nearly as much time as I should have
  • Took "candid" pictures of Melanie and me
  • Freaked out the next morning over the transportation of my computer
  • Saw Kristy in her Easter finest and gave her another last hug
  • Watched Dogma with Melanie
  • Snuggled
  • Left after "No ticket"
  • Hugged and hugged and hugged at the airport
  • Hugged some more
  • Received one (1) kiss on the cheek
  • Promised to watch people die in bloody and horrific ways when she came to visit
  • Heard Melanie's last, thoughtful words: "Go away!"
  • Read her chronicle of our friendship in my People I Won't See Again for an Indeterminate Amount of Time book, which was addressed to Veronica and signed as Wallace
  • Cried
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